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< Back to news 01 December, 2015

M&J Seafood release top fish and seafood tips for December

M&J Seafood are delighted to share top tips on fish and seafood for December. Whilst Christmas and New Year menus will already be in use. Seasonal and fisher's catch picks are great for use on your Specials Board this festive period.

Guest article: M&J Seafood



In November the first severe storm of the winter, Abigail, caused significant harvest cancellations in mainland Scotland and on Shetland with severe shortages. Prices will rise as demand increases throughout December. We anticipate the price for Scottish fish to be 10-15% higher than that of Norwegian Salmon.

Cod will be available from both Norway and Iceland, and Scotland will also see good volumes of Cod landed in December. Prices will rise as the month goes on and these will be weather dependent. M&J Seafood will continue importing Cod directly from Iceland and Codlings from the Baltic Sea.

Haddock availability should be good (weather dependent) but prices will rise due to seasonal demand. At this time of year the larger fish swims closer to shore and becomes a target for the inshore fleet; in turn prices of smaller fish could rise significantly due to a shortage of smaller sizes being landed.

Farmed Sea Bass & Sea Bream
We anticipate good supply in December. All sizes of both Bass and Bream will be available and prices are steady. The exchange rate is improving each week which is also helping prices to fall.


There are very little Native Lobsters available, so we are now importing Canadian Lobsters. Prices will rise as we move towards Christmas and the unpredictable weather can also have an impact on supply available.

Coldwater Prawns
The Coldwater Prawn season has now finished in Canada and the new season Prawns will not reach the market until June 2016. With Greenland and Norway continuing to fish year round, we don't expect prices to be affected.

There is a shortage of Scallops due to high water temperatures off the coast of Peru (one of the key producers) and reduced volumes from other producers. Prices have increased significantly and availability is anticipated to be poor for the first half of 2016.

To view the full report from M&J Seafood, please click here.

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