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< Back to news 30 September, 2015

New apprenticeship legislation - are you compliant?

It's been four months since new apprenticeship legislation was introduced, which impacts the way in which businesses treat staff brought in under an apprenticeship scheme. If you have apprenticeships as part of your business you need to comply to new laws.

To help you, Beacon supply partner, Jelf has detailed some advice below to help businesses stay compliant.

Taking on an apprentice has many benefits for an organisation such as cost effective recruitment and training costs, future proofing your business, eager and motivated staff and the ability to support your local community. 

What's changed?
The new legislation is the Deregulation Act 2015. It's aim is to simplify the law surrounding apprenticeships. One of the benefits of the new legislation is that employers will be able to design their own apprenticeship 'standards', rather than follow the previous and prescriptive apprenticeship 'frameworks'. This new act applies only in England, not Wales.

What impact will this have?

Hopefully a positive one due to the flexibility. Whilst all organisations need to ensure that they comply with the legislation, if not any apprenticeships they offer will be classed as 'traditional contracts of apprenticeships' and the apprentice will have enhanced protection from dismissal.

How do employers comply?

The employer will need to employ an apprentice under an 'approved apprenticeship agreement' and satisfy certain conditions. More information can be found by clicking here.

Main pitfalls...
- Possible age discrimination claims (for example if an organisation has imposed an age limit on a vacancy)
- Difficult apprentices - for example failure to attend a college, or poor performance
- Termination - this is particularly pertinent if the apprentice is employed under a traditional contract of apprenticeship

If you require more detailed advice on apprenticeships when employing within your business, please contact us today.