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Boost your billion pound burger sales.

Did you know that burgers are 2015’s fastest growing item on menus? Customer’s expectations are increasing and the surge in a premium offering is fuelling a big boost to burger sales. Beacon, along with supply partner Brakes is here to help you create signature burgers that really are worth paying extra for.

Burgers on menus are on trend and tasty, with 10.7% more people ordering burgers when eating out in comparison to 2015. The UK burger market is showing no signs of slowing down and was worth £2.94bn in 2013, according to Mintel data, growing to £3.04bn in 2014, and this year it is expected to reach £3.08bn and nearly £3.3bn by 2019. Burgers are big business.

Now could be the time to capitalise on the growing trend, Beacon share our top five tips on giving your existing burger a premium spin, all created with accessible ingredients that won’t heavily impact your chef, yet could improve your bottom line.

  1. A decidedly better bun. Start with the basics. A quality bun showcases your burger in the best light - have you thought about brioche or pretzel buns as an upgrade? Beacon supply partner Brakes offer over 20 variants of buns and rolls – ready to use and pre-sliced.
  2. Deluxe burgers. Quality is where you will stand out with your burger itself and it is what will ultimately drive your repeat business. Go for the best quality you can afford, speak to your local butchers to take advantage of the provenance angle on your menu cards. Why not create a point of difference with a British Venison burger?

  3. Getting creative with toppings on your burger allows for an element of personalisation. Simply let your customer choose from multiple toppings – all of equal quality to enhance the flavour of your burger. Portobello mushrooms, blue cheese and crispy bacon make for complimentary toppings and classic sauces such as Hamburger relish, Barbecue sauce and Guacamole still remain firm favourites.

  4. Stack it high – meat on meat. Why stop at just your Aberdeen Angus burger? More establishments are topping their burgers with pulled pork and spicy chilli con carne, what could make your burger tower over your rivals?

  5. Spicing up sides. Presentation of your burger is key, whether this is a simple skewer through your piled high burger, or homemade chunky spiced wedges – be sure to creatively present your burger – no matter how simple!

Banditos Burger

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