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< Back to news 29 September, 2015

Direct Seafood's share top hits for Seafood

After a good September draws to a close and the Equinox passes, whereby we get more night fishing we see bigger boats going to sea and the South Coast becoming more of a focus. Read on to see what Beacon supply partner, Direct Seafood are billing as the best seafood options for October.
Guest article: Direct Seafood

The native Squid season has just begun, with the later summer fish still showing availability. The Norwegian fleet is concentrating on King Crab rather than on the new quota of Cod and Haddock. As a result of the colder water, Shellfish has settled down and spawning has finished. Sustainable Artesmar Tuna is now available from the Maldives as reported in our recent update. Read on to see our top buyer picks for the month ahead.

Sea Reared Trout - Origin: Norway
Sea Reared Trout is still in great condition for the time of year and continues to be a great value for money pick. Good volumes are available and this is the pick of the farmed fish in October.

Dover Soles - Origin: South West, North East , South East
October is the perfect time to snap up Dover Sole in good condition for a reasonable price, which is likely to increase towards the end of the year. Good supply is available from Newhaven right around to Brixham and Newlyn. Great to reference on your localized menu. 

Hake - Origin: Scotland, North East Atlantic, South west
This amazing fish is still abundant, we have seen over 1,000 cases at the Peterhead auction with more supply from Shetlands. Hake is perfect for those properties looking to offer a milder fish with a subtle flavour. Again, Hake remains a buyers pick for October.

Mackerel - Origin: Scotland , South West ,Spain, Portugal & France
Mackerel is in full flow from Scottish grounds. Specifically around the Shetlands. A great value and quality fish. This fish will remain a strong pick for the remainder of the late summer.

Squid - Origin:
New season Squid is now available and in the South West sales are peaking significantly. Buyers are starting to get stuck in and this fish looks to be a hot pick for October and beyond.

Fish october

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