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Glacial Crystal from Lockhart Catering

Lockhart is delighted to have extended their range of Glacial glassware, with the introduction of the premium crystal range. Read on to find out more.
In summer 2014 Lockhart Catering launched their own brand of quality glassware, known as Glacial. Glacial is a tough, stylish, high quality and comprehensive range of glassware perfectly suited to the hospitality industry from fully toughened and fine dining to everyday glassware.

The original Glacial range was designed specifically for professionals in the hospitality market and includes ranges of stemware, tumblers and barware. Lockhart is delighted to announce that the range has been extended with the introduction of Glacial Crystal.

Introducing Glacial Crystal
The Glacial Crystal collection is a stunning new range of lead-free crystal glassware. Glacial Crystal offers a unique combination of beautifully stylish shapes, jewel-like quality and outstanding value for money.

Glacial Crystal is designed specifically for professionals in the hospitality market and its extraordinary value means that you can now offer your customers all the benefits of drinking from crystal glassware at a price-point that makes this remarkably affordable.

Glacial Crystal provides outstanding optical clarity and a beautiful musical ring when glasses are clinked together in convivial bonhomie. The range boasts four beautiful designs, each slightly different to suit your personal tastes.

With gentle tapering curves the Sapphire range offers an intriguing blend of tradition and modernity with shapes that represent a subtle evolution of more conventional glassware designs. Consequently, Sapphire is perfect for a wide range of dining styles. 

With simple elegant shapes, the Amethyst range has a timeless quality which achieves a more traditional look and feel. This only serves to underline the stunning quality of these glasses by focusing attention on the delicacy of line that only crystal glassware can achieve. 

Aquamarine offers a more angular range of stemware whose tapering lines draw attention to the quality of the glass by emphasising it's slimness and delicacy. It has a beautifully minimalist feel and this simplicity only serves to enhance the optical clarity of the glass.

With a beautiful and distinctive rounded shape the Emerald range offers a highly stylised alternative to more traditional designs. Emerald offers the perfect solution where the dining experience needs a real sense of theatre and the glassware to make a dramatic statement.

Like the original Glacial range, all Glacial glasses come with a Lifetime Rim Chip Guarantee, give you assurance of outstanding product quality and satisfaction when purchasing from either range.

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