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< Back to news 22 September, 2015

Tektura share interior design trends with Beacon customers

Beacon Design Services appreciate that every design project is different and that every individual has their own view on what is aesthetically pleasing. Let Beacon supply partner, Tektura guide you through current trends in interior design.
Guest article: Tektura 

Whether you are a minimalist budget hotel, or a boutique property with listed credentials - be inspired by what we have to offer in conjunction with our supply partners.

The Tektura researchers are on the case again and they have collected some of the very best inspirations from numerous sources this season. Look out for...

Masculine/Utility - This look focuses on fine materials, craftsmanship and function. Hardwearing, natural materials like stone, leather, raw wood and metal are key. Materials are flawlessly finished and refined, in stark contrast to the distressed surfaces that continue to be so popular. Hints of steampunk are starting to creep into the limelight... fusing the usability of modern technology with the design aesthetic of the Victorian era.

Snap it up! - Wood, brass, copper, concrete, leather

Get the look - MarbleTeakConcrete DarkNile CrocMolten


Botanical Prints - There's nothing chintzy about the new florals - hand illustrated or sometimes photographic on dark backgrounds which evoke more than a hint of the macabre! At Clerkenwell we loved Kit Miles' hand illustrated trailing designs and Badgers of Bohemia's magical jungle themed prints.

Snap it up! - Fabrics, wallcoverings, warm metallics, furnishings

Get the look - Lee FieldmanKabukiTropic OrchidRose Black


Copper Tones - Burnt orange, blush, dark berry and copper tones featured heavily at Clerkenwell Design Week. Forecast by both Pantone (Marsala) and Dulux (Copper Blush) as their respective Colour of the Year, this warm spectrum feels right on the pulse. It's striking on walls paired with natural and distressed surfaces, metallics, monochrome and is surprisingly versatile.

Snap it up! - Velvet, upholstery, wallcoverings, lighting, furniture

Get the look - Industrial Inc.Breezin'PatinaRaviTrees Copper


Marble -
 building on its already firm momentum marble continued to be a favourite at Clerkenwell and May Design Series. We spotted marble prints on fabrics, clothes, bed linen, stationary and even crockery. Black, white, nude and green marble featured on chairs, tables, walls, lighting and accessories. Most often we found the marble look paired with natural materials - glass, wood, metals, concrete, and copper tones.

Snap it up! - Wallcoverings, tabletops, wall panels, bathroom suites

Get the look - MarbleOil PunkStone


Black & White - This look is contemporary, cool and assertive. Heavily featuring florals, geometrics, hand-dyed effects, scandi inspired patterns, marbled effects and abstract designs, it doesn't need to be cold... the white is often pale cream, materials like wood and plaster add warmth, and patterns are mixed and layered.

Snap it up! - Wallcoverings, flooring, rugs, upholstery, fabrics, tiles

Get the look - Helen StrevensDot KeedyApparelNomadics


 - A move away from citrusy chartreuse and lime, the new greens are warm and botanical. Calming and organic shades, particularly fresh pastels, vibrant jungle-inspired tones, silvery sage, and rich, velety grey green feel contemporary and look great with trendy warm metals like copper and brass.

Snap it up! - Glass, velvet, powder coated metals, marble and patina

Get the look - DarceyMadrasCenturyMulberryIndustrial Inc.


Wood Combined with other Materials - It may be a flash trend, but we love this super high-fashion combination. It reminds us of the Japanese art of Kintsugi - the practice of repairing broken pottery with gold powder so that the history of an object becomes key to its beauty and character. Whether this particular look is here to stay, or over by the end of the summer, the focus on craftmanship and individuality is definitely here to stay.

Snap it up! - Wall panels, flooring, table tops, artwork

Get the look - Geo TextureTeakMarbleStoneLayers


Casual Geometrics - The next generation of geometrics are organic structures and shadowy patterns. Large scale overlapping lines with a hand-built feel, and delicately constructed wire structures are airy and useable. Barely-there pastels and off whites, dull metals, shadowy tones, and raw wood dominate.

Snap it up! - Wallcoverings, retail displays, wire, open wood structures, beams

Get the look - ApexHocus PocusDiamondKismet


Modern Memphis - The Memphis movement is being revisited again in both fashion and interior design. Bold colours are paired with geometric shapes, playful patterns, and surprising material combinations - the look is optimistic, kooky and very contemporary.

Snap it up! - Wallcoverings, furniture, lighting, plastic, copper, marble, stone, painted wood

Get the look -Marble WhiteKismetJonnie LawesLaura Hart, Kit Miles (watch this space for our new designs by Kit Miles)


To find out more about Beacon Design Services and our partnership with Tektura, please contact us today.