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Flooring: The Essential Guide

Carpets and flooring: what are the options for hoteliers to keep costs low and quality high? There are a variety of options on the market when it comes to carpets and flooring in a hotel, hear how to get the most from your flooring from our Design Services Manager, Christopher Johnson.
The first consideration is where the flooring is being laid and the quality of flooring that area requires. High traffic areas such as entrance ways or function rooms require more hard wearing carpets, which will more than likely be nylon based, whereas guest rooms need a different quality, usually wool based, which should be more visually appealing but less hard wearing.  

Of course, tiles, luxury vinyl tiles and lino are all options to consider that require less upkeep than carpets and are often an attractive option for bathrooms and public areas. There are many negative opinions of lino flooring, however the technology involved in the production of lino has advanced greatly in recent years. These advances mean that the end product is virtually a natural material that can be recycled and when laid gives a professional and appealing finish.

Types of flooring examplesImage credit: Beacon Design Services and Dakota House of Design.

At Beacon, we always urge our customers to take into account the colour and pattern of a carpet to keep it looking presentable. Consider using patterned carpets rather than a block colour, as this will result in general dirt and stains being less noticeable and can increase the lifespan of the carpet. Carpet tiles, which are traditionally used in offices, are also becoming increasingly popular in the hospitality sector as they can be easily removed and replaced individually should one tile be damaged or stained.

In terms of profitability and financial benefit, there are certain variables that can be altered in the design that can make a project more cost efficient for the hotelier. One example that we use at Beacon Design Services is to carefully consider the entrance to your hotel room - usually the bathroom will be to the immediate left or right and the carpet would have to allow for this. This often means that a large amount of material is wasted when the carpet is cut to fit the room. A strategy we have found effective across a variety of projects is to use a square piece of carpet for the room itself and a laminate in the entranceway - this means less material is wasted and ultimately saves on cost.

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