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< Back to news 25 August, 2015

Molson Coors' head of wine shares insight into wine growth at beer giant

When you hear the brand name Molson Coors, many immediately associate the brand with beer. What may surprise you is that Molson Coors' wine offering is making great strides in the on-trade, with operators exploring the wine portfolio.
"In 2010 we went from offering 400 wines to 700 and started to completely evolve that range" says Gary Keller, senior wine-buying manager at Molson Coors.

Keller's job role at Molson Coors is a tricky one... sourcing wines that not only stand the Molson Coors offering apart from the competition, but also making sure that the wine portfolio selected appeals to their broad customer base. "We supply everyone from working men's clubs to four and five star hotels. We have a very diverse customer base so that 700-strong range has to appeal to all of those different customer types.

"I'll have a mix of single-serve wines for the small outlets that are more beer led and a greater range for other customers. We have a wine category ladder to make sure we are covering our different bases for some of our more premium customers," 

Molson Coors are delighted that their wine offering has nearly doubled in five years. Over 700,000 9-litre cases will be sold this year, certainly not insignificant amongst competitors. As a brand, Molson Coors have a heavy focus on customer service and ensuring that failing them and their expectations is not an option. "It is really important to us as a business that our service is the very best it can be." says Keller.

For Keller, looking at customer feedback is also essential and he knows that by offering top-notch service he is not just able to retain current customers, but expand. "Something like 60% of our customers are with us because of customer service alone. That is even before looking at our wine range. It is because they think that Molson Coors is one of the best providers out there.

Molson Coors pride themselves on making sure that they work collaboratively with their suppliers to ensure that the wine offering is always in stock for the Beacon customer base and beyond. "There is a real focus on having everything in stock. Procuring wine is a worldwide trade. We have to be realistic. We make sure that we have efficiencies in place, so that when a customer comes on board we can supply them. We do not want to let that customer down." Keller says.

Quality and price - the Molson Coors way...
Molson Coors are firm advocates for offering quality wine at a great price. In doing so, the business strengthen their customer base and grow it on an annual basis, currently providing wine for over 8,000 customers. Keller states "we are not expensive when it comes to our wines, but quality has to be key. I do not want to sell cheap wines. Anyone can source cheap wine. I want to source wines that are the very best quality at the very best price."

Beacon, Britain's leading purchasing organisation is proud to count Molson Coors as one of our supply partners. To find out more about Molson Coors and how they can help you and your business offer an excellent quality wine offering - contact us today or speak with your Beacon Account Manager.

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