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< Back to news 06 August, 2015

Introducing Crème from Lockhart Catering

Crème is a new range of simple, refined and beautiful crockery with an unmistakable air of quality. It combines a perfectly balanced ivory colouring with a range of innovative shapes and profiles to create the ideal blank canvas on which the chef can present his or her art.

Guest article: Lockhart Catering

Beacon are proud to partner with Lockhart Catering and see the launch of Crème, with it's revolutionary design range. The new crockery range defies the rules of convention by offering truly word-class standards of quality and product performance at remarkably affordable prices.

Crème is designed with strength and durability at it's heart. Lockhart Catering stand behind this strength by offering a Lifetime Edge Chip Warranty with all plates, bowls, oval dishes, saucers, cups and mugs.

Using only the finest European clays, and a high content of Alumina, Lockhart Catering have achieved not only a perfect colour but also world-class levels of performance for strength and durability.  

Manufactured in a new dedicated factory that utilises the very latest forming, finishing and firing technology. With an investment of $30m, consistency and efficiency is guaranteed!

This world-class facility has been awarded ISO9001 for quality management, ISO14001 for environmental management and SA8000 for corporate and social responsibility.

Impressions Collection
Comprised of 4 completely unique designs which epitomise the spirit of creativity which is at the heart of the Crème brand. This collection is a collaboration between some of the UK's brightest culinary talent combined with the extraordinary vision of renowned industrial designer Philip Forrest-Smith.

Inspired by the desire to re-imagine the simplest of designs, 'Cerne' is the French word
 for circle.When viewed from above Cerne appears entirely conventional but it's profile reveals the radical nature of it's design.

Convention dictates that plates should be round. But like all great artists, Crème is happy to defy convention and Carré (which is French for square) demonstrates another way to perfectly balance form and function when presenting food.

Some art reassures, but truly great art is challenging. 'Écharde' is named after the French word for splinter, and plays with conventional perspective and ultimately
will place a completely different angle on the food you present.

Some art looks unashamedly to the future
and tries to imagine a different reality. The 'Futuriste' plate is a bold re-imagining of a conventional theme and offers the perfect solution where chefs want to present their
own vision of classic dishes.

To find out more about the range and how it could revolutionise your food offering and impress guests, click here.

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