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< Back to news 27 July, 2015

PHS Washrooms launches the Airscent Atom

Beacon supplier PHS' research identifies that 83% of workers reported unpleasant smelling washrooms as having a profoundly negative impact on staff in the workplace.

The Airscent Atom is the newest innovation in workplace fragrancing using revolutionary new Piezo technology.

Gary Seaton, Sales Director of PHS Washrooms, said:

“We know that having a pleasant smelling workplace is important to employees, impacting on productivity and wellbeing. We are delighted to unveil our latest fragrance innovation to create a product centred on the cutting edge Piezo technology”.

The new Piezo technology features:

  • A guaranteed longer lasting fragrance rather than a short aerosolised burst
  • The most highly effective fragrance solution in the marketplace
  • No aerosols or propellants results in a revolutionary environmentally friendly product

With its revolutionary Piezo technology, the Atom sets itself apart from conventional air fresheners. Free from aerosols and propellants, the Atom offers an environmentally friendly alternative for your workplace, delivering a continuous fragrance solution.

Using high frequency resonating plates, pure fragrance oil is forced through microscopic holes creating tiny atomized molecules that float in the air for longer, delivering a longer lasting superior fragrance performance.

The Airscent Atom fragrances are also blended with Odouraze™, an effective odour neutraliser. Odouraze™ reduces odours using unique malodour control technology where active ingredients interact with malodour molecules in the air to destroy bad smells, rather than mask them. With four subtle and appealing fragrances to choose from, punchy orange, floral breeze, morning dew and spa minerals, there is an option for every location and setting.

Having provided 50 years of service with the help of expert knowledge from fully trained, professional teams located nationwide, PHS is the UK’s leading provider of high quality workplace products and services.

To find out how PHS and Beacon could re-invigorate your washrooms get in touch today.