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< Back to news 24 July, 2015

Reduce your carbon footprint with Toshiba

With increasing awareness of climate change and a rise on consumers making considerate choices when it comes to their purchases there is an ever increasing need to focus on your organisation's carbon footprint.

Toshiba have provided fourteen simple tips for every organisation which can help cut the size of your carbon footprint:

  1. With resources being consumed at an ever increasing rate it is becoming crucial for all of us to recycle materials and reduce the strain we are putting on the environment. To help this we can encourage recycling throughout your organisation by introducing easily accessible recycling bins for materials such as plastic, paper and glass alongside everyday bins.
  2. Turn off unused equipment where possible such as laptops, TV’s, radios and printers. When devices are in frequent use choose models with low energy consumptions and energy save modes to bring down your energy usage.
  3. Heating and lighting can make up large amounts of an organisations CO2 emissions. Small steps such as ensuring heating and aircon are at suitable temperatures and in use only when needed can stop windows being opened or portable heaters being turned on; whilst pushing down CO2 emissions. Further actions such as ensuring your thermostat is placed away from hot spots and draughty areas, to make sure your heating and cooling is more accurate;  ensuring insulation is fitted properly and the inclusion of draught excluders can automatically increase the comfort of any room / building whilst reducing the need for heating, slashing your carbon footprint.

  4. Don’t forget lighting. Energy efficient light bulbs and LED lighting can help reduce an organisation's energy consumption by up to 80% compared to traditional lightbulbs.

  5. Water consumption can also be a big carbon emission contributor, make sure that kettles and water heating devices are low energy usage and encourage customers and employees to use water in a conscious way. Just by simply managing all utilities which use water and making sure they are operating correctly can save your organisation around 315m3 of water a year.

  6. Check with your water supplier, some such as Thames Water offer freebies and advice which can help you to make quick and easy changes to save water and carbon emissions.

  7. Don’t just evaluate within your organisation, reach out to your supply chain. Are your suppliers taking action on environmental issues and operating in a green and considerate way? Can you provide you customers with a greener service or products? When it comes to looking for new suppliers actively consider each organisation's environmental policies and schemes that are in place and how these can help benefit you. It’s not just price that’s important!

  8. Get hands on and motivate your employees with innovative environmental schemes. You could install bike racks and other facilities to help encourage customers as well as your employees to take greener (and healthier) methods of transport to your premises.
  9. Appoint someone within your organisation to become and ambassador for green business process, they can help raise awareness, encourage and reward positive behaviour and engage your staff in all activities.
  10. The Government has great schemes in which your organisation can engage with to help you achieve your greener business objectives such as tax breaks on bicycle loans etc. So check out what schemes your organisation can benefit from. To find out more visit the website.
  11. Review your paper consumption. In most organisations 45% of prints are thrown away within the same day of creation (if not within a few hours!) Ask employees and even customers to evaluate if they need to print. If printing is required consider duplex or n-up printing (multiple pages per sheet) to reduce paper consumption automatically. There are even applications which can help enforce conscious printing and remove wasted prints automatically without having to lift a finger, creating paper savings of up to 40 or 50% almost instantly.

  12. You could even consider electronic billing to remove the need for printed receipts. In an ever increasing digital age it is becoming easier for organisations to switch online. Organisations such as Premier Inn, Schuh and Beacon already adopt this approach with great success.

  13. Keep up to date with the new technologies that are out there. Things are continuously improving, from the use of new materials such as recycled plastics and low impact/ biodegradable materials to new ultra-low energy devices, such as MFPs which use just 0.157 kWh when in energy save mode. Toshiba now even have a multifunctional printer which can erase and reuse paper over and over again with paper savings of up 80%. Even though initial expenditure can be daunting many organisations can benefit from investing in eco-friendly technologies, not only through a reduced carbon footprint but also lower costs and faster business processes. Small changes can make a huge impact.

  14. Offsetting your carbon footprint or even just certain aspects of your CO2 emissions through specialist carbon reduction schemes and carbon credits can help reduce your carbon footprint whilst doing good and boosting your CSR efforts.

Carbon offsetting allows projects such as Toshiba’s African Stoves project (run by CO2balance) to create carbon savings and improve lives where there would not have been the ability to before. Therefore neutralising emissions created by your organisation.

Toshiba Image

Toshiba takes a practical approach to the challenge of achieving greater sustainability. Based on the concept of eco-efficiency and clearly defined objectives, we strive to provide innovative and ecologically friendly products and services to our customers.

To find out more about how Toshiba TEC UK can help your organisation implement green initiatives and reduce your carbon footprint print get in touch with your Beacon Account Manager today. Remember, Beacon customers benefit from enhanced commercial terms with Toshiba. Contact us today to find out more.