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< Back to news 22 July, 2015

Breaking News: £76M spent every day on Breakfast

Brits breakfast habits a big boost for the economy as people spend £76 million every day on eating out for breakfast.

Survey conducted by Beacon reveals that:

  • 1 in 3 people eat out at least once a week, with 15% eating out every day.
  • Brits are spending an average of £7.31 on the first meal of the day.
  • 1% of people willing to spend more than £21 on breakfast.

Almost half of those surveyed eat breakfast out more now than they did five years ago, and on average Brits are now spending £7.31 on breakfast outside of the home, with an indulgent 1% of those asked splashing out on more than £21.

Brits’ penchant for breakfast remains strong, with 80% considering breakfast to be the most important meal of the day – with them quoting a number of different reasons why they choose to eat breakfast outside of the home.

Breakfast Motivations (respondents were asked to choose all that apply to them)

  • Weekend treat with family / friends: 47%
  • Staying at a hotel: 47%
  • Convenience: 26%
  • Travelling to work: 14%
  • Business meetings: 10%
  • Other: 6%

Furthermore, it appears that Brits are starting to consider breakfast as a key time to choose to eat out, with 76% less likely to eat out for lunch or dinner if they’ve chosen to eat out for breakfast.

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Brakes - Eggs ImageThe nation is picky when it comes to their egg choices. Nationally, the fried egg is the favourite (36%), with scrambled egg second (25%), followed by poached in third (18%). Boiled, the most traditional choice was chosen by just 6% of people and speciality eggs - such as eggs benedict or eggs royale - chosen by just 4%. Both location and age also affect egg choice, with different eggs styles proving to be popular in different areas and among different age groups. Image Credit: Brakes

Europe vs. USA – who is king of the breakfast table?

One in five Brits would choose an international breakfast option over a traditional cooked breakfast, speciality eggs or cereal – of those, a massive 62% prefer a continental breakfast consisting of croissants, cheese and cold meats, with only 38% choosing an American style dish of waffles or pancakes.

Overall, we’re traditionalists at heart and the English cooked breakfast reigns supreme, with 65% of people choosing it as their ‘go to’ breakfast when outside of the home.
USA vs Europe BreakfastImage Credit: Brakes

Tennant Hilditch, Sales Director at Beacon, commented:

“This research into our morning eating habits has proven that breakfast, considered to be the most important meal of the day, is a multi-billion pound a year industry, with £76million being spent by Brits every day. With almost half of those asked eating out for breakfast now more than they did five years ago, across all age groups, this trend can be seen as indicative of growing consumer confidence, which in turns signals a continued boost to the UK’s economy. These results in turn should give assurance to the UK’s hospitality market and impetus to invest in their breakfast offer to ensure that growing customer expectations are met.”

Beacon Breakfast Infographic

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