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Catering disposable products get smart!

Beacon supply partner, Bunzl Catering Supplies are delighted to launch their Sustain and Revive catering disposable product ranges to the Beacon customer base.
Guest article: Bunzl Catering Supplies

Sustain and Revive are an innovative system of colour-coded packaging designed to ensure an environmentally responsible end-of-life solution for catering disposable products.

Helping operators to address waste stream management by the use of strong product branding and labelling; Sustain and Revive communicates to the customer which waste stream they should dispose their used packaging into.

Offering a choice of renewable and compostable packaging (Sustain) or recycled and recyclable packaging (Revive), operators can choose the option that is right for
their business.

Colour-coded in green the Sustain range asks customers to “compost me” and colour-coded in blue the Revive range asks customers to “recycle me”. Front-of-house bin labels with corresponding colour-coding and branding are provided free, helping customers to easily identify which bin to use. Ensuring that customers dispose of used packaging into the correct waste stream helps operators to meet the environmental objectives they made at time of purchase, as well as significantly reducing the cost associated with sending waste to landfill.

Sustain and Revive demonstrates to customers that the operator has taken a sustainable approach to purchasing and implemented a practical system for ensuring a ‘closed loop’ solution is in place.


Sustain and Revive were developed in partnership with London Bio Packaging

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