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< Back to news 30 June, 2015

July seafood report from M&J Seafood

Beacon supply partner, M&J Seafood have shared their top catches for the month ahead. Read on to see which seafood you should be considering for your summer menu.
Supply continues to exceed demand in both Norway and Scotland. As the Salmon season is coming to its end, larger size fish (4kg+) will become scarcer and more expensive while smaller grades 2-3kg and 3-4kg will be readily available with steady prices.

There will be less Cod landed in July as Norwegian boats will be primarily catching Haddock. Both Icelandic and Norwegian fleets may also start to run out of their yearly quota which will limit Cod landings.

There should be a steady supply of Haddock from Norway as vessels switch away from catching Cod; this will keep prices stable.

We do not anticipate any problems with Scottish hand-dived Scallops, which are selectively picked from the seabed to allow smaller Scallops to grow on and spawn. We could see spikes in harmful algal bloom levels as sea temperatures rise.
The supply and price of MSC certified Shetland Scallops and Mussels should be stable however, we must be mindful that the algal bloom may become an issue at this time of year.

Skippers Catch

M&J Seafood understand the importance of knowing where your seafood originates from. That's why invented Skippers Catch. Beacon customers can sign up for Skipper's Catch today and to start receiving updates on what skippers are landing right round the British coastline. From hand-dived Scallops to line-caught and tagged Sea Bass; all our fish and seafood comes from small day boats, is exceptionally fresh and is delivered exclusively, through M&J Seafood, right to your kitchen door!

To view the full report from M&J Seafood, please click here.

MJ Seafood

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