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< Back to news 25 June, 2015

Direct Seafood's July fish report

As we approach July Beacon supply partner, Direct Seafood share their expert advice on what's hot in the seafood world for the month ahead...
Guest article: Direct Seafood

As the long-term weather forecast is fair, sea temperatures will continue to rise which will bring in more summer season fish. It is likely that due to the time of year. boat activity will be high, bringing in top quality fish.

Scallops and Prawns will be targetted particularly in Scotland and South West over coming months. We are seeing some great quality game fish coming through to add to the native fish summer selection - bringing an outstanding range of fish to summer menus.

Sea Reared Trout - origin: Norway
This is in prime condition and we are promoting locally as a great summer fish, delicate in flavour and stunning in colour, a good value menu option versus Wild Sea Trout. Sea Reared Trout is a top pick from the Direct Seafood team.

Haddock - origin: Iceland, North East Atlantic, Scotland, Norway
Haddocks are back! After the spawning season we are seeing some good landings in Iceland and Scotland, so the value has returned at long last. Buyers make it a strong pick for July!

Hake - Scotland, North East Atlantic, South west
This tidal species continues in abundance and looks set to continue through into the summer period as the tides settle down. Again, this fish remains a buyers tip for July.

Lemon Sole - origin: South West, North East Atlantic, Scotland, Icelandic, Holland 

Lemons are getting better in value each week. We recommend going for fish sized 336g- 454g to ensure a whole fish portion , there are also some nice Megrim's and Witch sole available for summer months.

Mackerel - Scotland, South West, Spain, Portugal and France
South Shields auction is still strong along with Scotland, as the native stock comes back into season. We are also seeing more landings on the south coast each week, meaning that Mackerel should be a good pick again for July.


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