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< Back to news 09 June, 2015

The rise of the brunch society

Do you offer brunch in your property? If so, it may be worth considering with the rise of the brunch trend across the UK. Beacon's supply partner, Lockhart Catering discuss the growing trend - be inspired...

Guest article: Lockhart Catering

It’s Sunday morning, there’s a delicacy in the air – possibly due to the excesses of the Saturday night – and a need to truly greet the day of rest in style – a day that doesn’t involve cooking.

The Sunday long lie has made it just that bit too late for cornflakes but it’s still that little bit too early for Sunday lunch with all the trimmings.

There’s only one thing for it – the Sunday brunch. A casual, open and easy affair with no need to reserve a table, simply a quick text to friends and rock up and relax at the venue of choice – the brunch is most definitely back in town.

Originating in England in the late 1800s, brunch – a combination of breakfast and lunch – was originally served in a buffet style manner, but became popular as the Sunday morning staple we know and love in the United States in the 1930s.

History dictates that Hollywood stars making transcontinental train trips frequently stopped off in Chicago to enjoy a late morning meal. This meal – or brunch – was initially championed by hotels since most restaurants were closed on Sundays. Here the trend developed and gained momentum – and like so many trends of that age, travelled from high society to permeate the middle classes as a decadent Sunday treat.

Restaurants of course soon began offering the new menu option – providing a delicious spreads of food and even signature morning cocktails, such as Bloody Marys, Bellinis and Mimosas – and brunch as we know it was born.

Today multi-functional venues are common place on the high street providing the consumer with a daytime into evening entertainment offer combining wet and dry options.

Providing the consumer with every eating occasion – from breakfast through to the evening drinks, adding another meal option to the menu can be added pressure on the team – not to mention the fact that the Sunday brunchee wants no constraints on timetables or sittings. The perfect brunch is a laid back affair allowing the morning to merge into afternoon with the Sunday papers and good company on tap.

Finding the perfect balance of the food choice can be tricky for the chef, and today’s brunch trends demand a range of options available from waffles to bacon (or bacon with waffles) to all manner of eggs as a homage to the New York bastions of brunch and, of course, the full English. This can be a huge demand on the kitchen when Sunday lunch is just a spoonful away. Not to mention the need to bring in the mixologist early to provide the diner with a cheeky ‘hair of the dog’ cocktail to add to the ambiance of the occasion and stave off the hangover of the night before.

But the brunch is here to stay – and is undoubtedly a great revenue generating option for the modern day eaterie.

And the best reason to enjoy a Sunday brunch – it elongates the Sunday Funday experience before the misery of Monday begins.


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