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< Back to news 05 June, 2015

Today is national fish and chip day

Fish & Chips remain the UK's favourite takeaway option in 2015, trumping its close rivals of pizza, Indian and Chinese and what better way to celebrate than to have a national fish and chip day!
Today (5th June) is national fish and chip day and with over 10,000 fish & chip shops in the UK, and in the region of 75,000 people currently employed in the sector - you should be spoilt for choice if you choose to celebrate today!

The event, which will take place on the first Friday in June every year, already has the backing of key industry players and industry bodies such as the Potato Council and National Federation of Fish Friers.

Research indicates that men are more likely to eat fish and chips than women, with 41% consuming the meal at least once a month compared with a 30% of women.
With recent negative press surrounding unsustainable fishing practices, consumers have understandable concerns about eating cod and wild-caught fish of any species. However, it's now possible to eat these fish with a clear conscience provided they come from a sustainably managed source. Almost all cod eaten in the UK – including that from fish and chip shops – is imported from sustainable stocks from Icelandic, Russian and Norwegian waters, many of which are Marine Stewardship Council accredited.
British Nutrition Foundation statistics show that an average portion of fish and chips contains almost three times less fat (20.6%) than an equivalent portion of chicken tikka masala and pilau rice. A recent survey revealed that around two thirds of UK fish and chip eaters add salt (65%) and vinegar (68%), over a third (37%) have mushy peas with their meal and more than half the respondents (52%) prefer eating fish and chips straight from the paper or box.
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