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< Back to news 05 June, 2015

New dessert is taking the biskie!

Have you heard of the Biskie? A creation of biscuit/cookie/cake with a scrumptious filling. Beacon supply partner, Lockhart Catering share insight on the latest mash-up in the dessert world.

Reported in London’s Time Out magazine, the biskie hit Soho’s Brewer Street in a pop-up shop and will be for sale until next month.

It’s the latest hybrid – or ‘mashup’ – dessert that’s set to knock the cronut, duffin, townie and muffle off the top spots as one of the most fashionable sweet treats out there.

Over recent years, a whole host of puds have been revolutionised, stripped back to basics and then reassembled in an almighty amalgamation for one delicious dessert.

American Dominique Ansel was first to market with her now world-famous Cronut. That was two years ago and the croissant-donut combo was such a hit that queues quickly formed around the block from her New York bakery. Needless to say, there have since been many copy-cat ‘cronuts’ created around the world.

So what is a Biskie? It comes courtesy of Annabel and Emily Lui, food-obsessed sisters at Cutter & Squidge bakery, in London.

Put simply, it’s a handcrafted sandwiched dessert that combines the best bits of a cookie, cake and biscuit and is filled with special buttercreams, handmade jams, caramels and other delicious delights. To find out more about the Biskie, please click here

Whoopie Cakes

The result? We’re told that it’s a deliciously crispy yet melts-in-the-mouth with an incredibly light whipped buttercream filling but are desperate to get our hands on one… or three.

Even better, as the pair are super health-conscious, they use only the finest natural ingredients – with each biskie having around 175 calories.

As these desserts become more desirable and bakeries and operators extend their repertoire to meet the demand, so too is their need to showcase their sugary snacks as attractively as possible.

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