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< Back to news 26 May, 2015

Save water. Save Money

The average Briton uses 150 litres of water a day with over 60% of that used in the bathroom. And the more water we use, the more energy is required to clean, process and heat it.

Guest article from Beacon Supplier Mira Showers

Amazingly water heating accounts for 5% of UK CO2 emissions, and for up to 25% of an energy bill. By using water efficiently and avoiding wastage we not only reduce the amount of water down our drains but also the pennies trickling from our pockets.

Water Way To Go

It’s in the bathroom where most of a home or business' water is consumed. The popularity of showers has increased rapidly over the past few decades and they’re now responsible for 12% of household water usage. Thankfully Mira has developed some clever technologies to provide a range of water saving shower products.

Mira Showers have developed a range of showers that are designed to save water, for example the innovative Mira Miniduo Eco shower saves up to 75% water compared to a standard, yet still delivers great performance. Approved by the BMA and Waterwise as a water efficient product, its eco-efficient technology aerates the water droplets, creating larger drops that explode on impact to give an invigorating shower whilst reducing the amount of water used.

According to the UK’s Environment Agency, depending on their water efficiency, hotels can reduce the amount of water consumed per guest per night by up to 50% compared with establishments with poor performance in water consumption. Which is why Mira have developed a clever little tool that calculates how much hoteliers could save by replacing their showers with a shower from Mira’s range of Eco showers. 

mira showers eco calc

Calculate how much you could save by visiting

Beacon customers wanting to find out more should contact their Beacon Account Manager. To find out how Beacon could help the water efficiency of your property, please contact a member of our team who would be happy to help.