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< Back to news 13 May, 2015

May seafood report from M&J Seafood

The latest fish and seafood report is in from Beacon supply partner, M&J Seafood. Read on to see what is worthwhile adding to your menu for the month ahead!

Not only is your menu the prime method of communicating to customers what is available from your kitchen, be it in the restaurant, at the bar or via room service, it also helps businesses forward plan as to what stock they need to order in and what maximum costs for the business will be. By buying fish and seafood that is in season and in it's prime, you have a more cost effective menu and happier customers.  

M&J Seafood share their tips on fresh fish and more for the month of May and ahead.

Scottish and Norwegian Salmon supply continues to exceed demand. Prices are lower than they were predicted to be and should stay that way throughout the month. This is driven by Russia’s ban of Norwegian fish and the Kronor being weak against the Pound.

Availability of Icelandic and Baltic Cod and Codlings from the Baltic will be good however, towards the end of May, the Norwegian fleet will start moving to different fishing grounds to hunt for Haddock and Codlings – this may affect the price of Cod at the back end of the month..

Haddock fishing in both Iceland and Norway will be in full swing, however the Norwegian vessels will switch to smaller size fish as the larger fish move into deeper water to spawn. This means we should have good volumes of 5-6 and 6-8oz fillets in stock.

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