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< Back to news 07 May, 2015

Make the most of seasonal fruit and veg this May

Spring is here! Finally spring has arrived as we enter into the month of May and Beacon supply partner Country Fresh talk us through which products will be in their prime throughout the month ahead.

Guest article: Country Fresh Foods


Stone fruit:
An abundance of stone fruit from Europe has started to arrive into the market. Both yellow and white flat peaches are now readily available at sensible prices. Early season Spanish cherries are available but are fetching high prices.

Soft fruit:
Steady price rises with regards to berries are inevitable as a result of the unpredictable weather and fluctuating temperatures that are in turn, affecting the crops, this is something to be mindful of over coming weeks! Dutch strawberries are still the superior option for the next few weeks, due to improved taste over English varieties. Country Fresh Foods recommend the French Gariguette variety as the best tasting strawberry around at the minute. 

Other fruits:
Lemons are on the rise in price as we switch between growing areas. Both black and green grapes have been reducing in price, green is the one to go for! The Banana crop is stable and will be reflected in the price. Apple varieties such as Royal Gala, Braeburn, Golden Delicious and Granny Smith are excellent for the month of May. 




Standard salad tomato prices have now started to fall as more products enter the market throughout Europe, prices should continue to steadily fall throughout May. Standard plum vine tom have reduced in price and reached a stable price point. We are now stocking a large number of heritage tomatoes on a daily basis, this product looks and tastes fantastic and has been a top seller when in season for the last few years. Prices are extremely good at the moment and we don’t predict any increase for the foreseeable future so the time is right to start having a look at this fantastic product. Varieties such as Coeur de Boeuf, San Marzano and Torino are available but are high in price.

Lettuce varieties such Oakleaf, Lollo Rosso and Curly Endive are all starting to reduce in price as the temperatures rise. We are going to be sticking with the French lettuce throughout May as the English will not be ready. Iceberg is holding a high price at the minute. Individual salad leafs such as Tatsoi, Mustard Frill, Mustard Leaf and wild watercress are all now available. Wild garlic is still available and should still be around until the end of May.

Other salads:
Radishes are flooding into the markets as they are now right into the swing of the season. Large leaf spinach is proving to be popular again recently. Wild nettles are now starting to come through in abundance which is driving the price down.



As you all know we are right in the middle of the English asparagus growing season. Prices are very reasonable at the moment and should remain stable. English white and purple asparagus are now coming through as well. Prices on the white and purple remain quite high. Wild asparagus has just started this week, prices are on the high side at the moment but it will fall week on week. Wild asparagus goes fantastic in salads with its snappy and crisp texture and nutty flavour.

Standard potato crops including jacket varieties remain stable and prices are holding. The Sagitta variety is a great alternative to Maris Piper, it cooks fantastic and prices are slightly lower than Maris, well worth a try if you fancy a change. Jersey Royals are in their prime, we don’t expect the price to fall any lower than where it is now. 

Brassicas such as broccoli and cauliflower have been making the most out of the decent growing conditions and have been coming through great, prices have come down in the last week. Curly kale green and purple is in good supply. Black cabbage will be a bit hit and miss during May as we are in between two growing seasons.

Other Veg:
Carrots are steadily rising in price due to a change of season, we estimate that prices will continue on a steady rise until mid June. Throughout May we recommend that savoy is the green cabbage of choice, quality has been excellent recently and prices are good due to ideal growing conditions. Spanish onion continue to rise in price, we can’t see this trend stopping in May, it might be worth looking at English varieties if you can. New products that have just recently come into season are fresh peas and broad beans, prices have begun to reduce to more reasonable levels, what we have seen recently has been excellent quality. Baby globe artichokes are looking great at the minute and prices really are excellent. Yellow fine beans have just started again, these look fantastic on plate alongside the green. All baby veg have settled down and all types including all baby beetroots are now back in stock, we have got over the difficult time of year for baby veg so we don’t foresee any problems with supply until the start of next year. 

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