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< Back to news 30 April, 2015

Ventilate for productivity and safety

Ventilation systems should aid the smooth running of a commercial kitchen, providing a safe and pleasant working environment. Find our how Beacon supplier, Francis Catering Equipment are helping our customers with helpful hints and tips...
Guest article: Francis Catering Equipment

Effective ventilation systems should be almost unnoticed, but poor design, manufacture, installation or maintenance can turn a commercial kitchen into a difficult and dangerous place to work and prepare great food.

Good ventilation improves productivity and reduces energy costs. 
Francis Catering Equipment has created some simple hints and tips drawing on the DW/172 industry guidelines to help you get the best results from  your ventilation systems:

Good design:
Consideration must be given to the appliances being ventilated, their size, positioning and power source. Grease filtration, lighting and positioning of the discharge are other critical design elements. 

High quality manufacturing:
Correct materials, ease of cleaning, joint manufacture and sealants used will all impact on the performance of the ventilation system.

Correct specifications:
There are multiple types and styles of canopies, with different make up air facilities.  A good supplier will provide expert advice to help you make the best choice.

Expert installers:
Installation should take place between the mechanical services first fix and the installation of cooking equipment or false ceilings and meet industry guidelines. Ventilation systems must be properly tested and commissioned.

Prevention is better than cure:
Insufficient cleaning and maintenance significantly increases the risk to the safety of the building and its occupants, which is reflected in increasing demands from insurers. Proper inspection and cleaning requires specialist techniques, training and equipment.

Implementing just one of these ideas will make a significant difference to your running costs and the effectiveness of your kitchen.

To find out more about Francis Catering and how, alongside Beacon, they could help you run a more sustainable and profitable business, please contact us today.

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