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To Brie or not to Brie: could cheeseboards make a difference to your hotel’s bottom line?

The average Beacon customer spends almost £5,000 on cheese a year, so making the right choice for your customers is critical. Did you know that Beacon works with a number of expert cheese suppliers, including Harvey and Brockless - Cheese Cellar, who can provide top quality products as well as advice and training for your team members to make the most of your offer?

At Beacon, we understand that whether your customers have a penchant for the pungent, or a fondness for the fondue –a modern, diverse range of cheeses and condiments can provide a wonderful addition to any menu.

But how do you ensure your cheeseboard doesn’t become cheese-bored?

For starters, we’d recommend sourcing a well thought-out selection of cheeses covering all the major groups alongside a varied selection of biscuits, chutneys and accompaniments – guests appreciate a small but well made selection. Try to achieve a nice balance of mild to bold flavours, from local to worldwide provinces – your cheeseboards will look more enticing, and that way there’s something for everyone.

Secondly, and arguably crucial to the success of your cheeseboard venture, we’d recommend having your kitchen and front-of-house staff brush up on their cheese expertise. The selection will only sell and be enjoyed if your staff are able to guide guests through the choices available. Bear in mind that a lot of people are unadventurous when it comes to cheese; so having someone available to separate the mild from the bold will undoubtedly help to upsell the boards.

There are certain trends to look out for in 2015, Scandinavian and Nordic flavours – like Brunost and Jarlsberg – have proved particularly popular, with the purely British board of yesteryear beginning to decline in popularity. Accompaniments are also beginning to diversify; Rye and Swedish crisp breads are shaking up the cracker market and farmer’s fare produce like apples, beetroot and root vegetables are also becoming more prevalent across the board.


Image credit: Harvey and Brockless

Cheese is becoming increasingly artisan.

It’s not just chutneys we’d recommend offering as an accompaniment; pairing cheeses with wines, beers, ciders and even teas has really taken off in recent times. We saw accompaniments experience major growth last year and we expect this trend to continue well into 2016.

With our expert cheese supplier, Harvey and Brockless (formally Cheese Cellar), Beacon customers can now create bespoke cheeseboards with the support of a truly expert in-house team. Harvey and Brockless can also deliver direct throughout the UK and assist with staff training to maximise sales and profitability.


If well managed and proactively sold, cheeseboards can provide an easy-to-prepare, popular and profitable meal option. With our support, you can take the headache out of sourcing cheese from every corner of the globe and get it all – including chutneys and accompaniments – in one place.

Beacon customers can log into My Beacon today, to view our full range of dairy and cheese suppliers. Alternatively, contact your Beacon Account Manager who will be happy to discuss your cheese supply.