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< Back to news 02 April, 2015

Street Food revolution

When it comes to food the British public are taking to the streets to enjoy the cheap, fresh and fast moving street food culture that is flooding in from America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Find out more from Beacon supply partner, Lockhart Catering Equipment.

Guest article: Lockhart Catering Equipment

Richard Johnson, street food advocate shares an insight into what makes for a genuine street food experience.

Richard is a food critic, journalist, presenter, author of ‘Street Food Revolution’ and founder of the British Street Food Awards.

He says, “There is a moment when you can serve the perfect burger and half-a-minute later that moment is gone. It’s just when the hamburger is caramelised and it still holds all its juices; it’s put in a sour-dough bun, the cheese is added and melts to hold everything together; and then it’s handed to you and you put it straight in your mouth.

“That moment is a matter of seconds, and you can only get that with street food. It wins over on restaurant food every time because there is no middle man. There’s no angry waiter and the food doesn’t wait around to be served.”

Strong flavours, simple menus to share and vibrant presentation with lots of banter are really capturing the consumer’s imagination. 

Why not consider how you can bring a little ‘street food’ into your business, through an eclectic mix of fuss free food offerings?

Lockhart offer a fantastic range of products that will help you to present your street food in the best light! Take a look today - visit

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