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< Back to news 01 April, 2015

Seasonal fruit and veg updates from Country Fresh

Beacon supplier Country Fresh share helpful hints and tips linked to fruit and veg seasonaility for spring. How will this impact your menu choices?
Guest Article from Country Fresh

Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb will soon be finishing and all berry varieties are currently rising in price, with blackberries in very short supply. As a result of this, raspberry, blueberry and strawberry pricing has increased but is likely to improve as we creep towards the end of April - worth noting when planning this week's specials.  

Be aware that Galia melons are currently short in supply, this will have a negative effect on the price for the remainder of April. As Honeydew and Canteloupe melons are expected to stay stable in pricing, it may be worthwhile switching in these varieties temporarily. 

Italian and French lettuce is now looking fantastic and unusual varieties are starting to come through onto the markets such as Travise Tardino, a great alternative to radicchio.

Please be aware that this is a tricky time of year for plum tomato as the main crop switches from Spanish to either Italian or Dutch during April/May time.

Bunched breakfast radish is currently booming. There is to much of the product in the market place at the minute and as a result the prices are being slashed, we are predicting that the prices will remain low for the next 2-3 weeks. Give them a try before the price increases.

Jersey Royals are steadily falling in price as the crop comes into full swing. We are also stocking a stunning Curly Kale from Lincolnshire the quality is superb and the price is stable throughout April.

The UK carrot crop is being affected by recent mild weather which is affecting the quality and is forcing us to bring in product from France which is affecting the price.

Brassicas are doing great at the moment thanks to the recent mild weather. We are expecting prices to remain stable and the quality to remain very high. Romanesco are readily available at the moment and prices are also very competitive. Please be aware that Italian Cavalo Nero has now finished, the English crop should start late May. Currently we are sourcing a Spanish product to fill the gap but it may get short and expensive towards the end of April.

Wild mushrooms have gone very short recently. Most varieties are currently not available this is due to adverse weather conditions across central Europe. Both trompette and girolle and double the price they were for the same time last year and what is around isn’t great quality. This will improve as soon as the weather settles across the continent. The only variety that is doing well both for quality and price is Morel, what is coming into us have been fantastic and well worth the money.

Supply is strengthening week on week and as a result prices will continue to steadily reduce. During the English season Country Fresh will also be stocking a Peruvian crop, so customers gain more choice upon ordering.

If you would like to find out more about Country Fresh and how Beacon work with our suppliers, please click here.