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< Back to news 26 March, 2015

Learning from National Bed Month - ensure your guests are getting a good night’s sleep

Sleep is a vital part of our health and wellbeing; with research showing that a good night’s sleep can help to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. March was National Bed Month is the Sleep council’s campaign to remind everyone of the importance of a good night’s sleep and the role a good bed plays in that.

Beacon, which helps businesses in the hospitality industry improve their profitability, has recently welcomed Respa, one of the most technically advanced bed manufacturers in Europe, into their supply portfolio. With the bed being the number one focus for hotel guests, Christopher Johnson, Design Services Manager at Beacon, is offering advice to hoteliers to ensure guests are getting their forty winks:

“March was National Bed Month, and it has really highlighted that many hotels are calling out for advice on the best beds to choose, as well as the best way to decorate their bedrooms.

Comfort is the priority

The number one element that guests look for in a bed is, of course, comfort. Over the past 18 months we have seen a lot of hotel groups move away from open coil sprung system mattresses, opting instead for pocket sprung system mattresses. Pocket sprung system mattresses are made up of a number of individually pocketed metal springs, usually around 1,000 in a king size mattress. These springs act independently and can be tensioned to support certain parts of the body, which aids independent movement of guests and ultimately leads to greater comfort.

Think about colours and patterns

In terms of colours and patterns, the key to the perfect bed is to make the guest feel at home. Because of this, the trends we’re seeing in the hospitality industry tend to follow those that are in the domestic interiors market; for example neutral palettes with bursts of colour are proving very popular recently. Texture also plays a huge role in the comfort of a bed. Velvets and silks can add a luxurious feel, but they do come at a cost, so consider where to use them carefully for maximum impact.

Consider pillow menus for guests

Pillow choice is unique to every guest and often, it’s not until you spend the night tossing and turning in an unfamiliar bed that you realise the type of pillow you need. We’re seeing an increasing number of hotels offering ‘pillow menus’, which can be as simple as providing guests a choice of pillows in the room, or having a full range available at reception for guests to choose from. While this may seem like a luxury option, pillows have such a substantial impact on guest comfort that this is definitely a sound investment.”

If you are thinking of updating your beds or bedrooms and want a helping hand, please contact Beacon on 01904 695 588. Alternatively, Beacon customers can order through Respa by contacting their Beacon Account Manager today. 

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Gary Hartfield, Managing Director at Respa, commented:

“Respa has worked with several hotel groups to create bespoke beds, for example branded ticking, labels and spring configurations, to give the hotel a unique advantage in the market. Essentially, a hotel room’s main function is to provide a place for a guest to sleep, so ultimately comfort is paramount. There are a variety of factors for hoteliers to take into consideration if they want to ensure optimum guest comfort, which can often seem daunting, but we would definitely recommend carefully considering your options as it will lead to added room value and improved guest retention.”