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< Back to news 11 February, 2015

Considerate Hoteliers launch Hotel of the Year Awards

Considerate Hoteliers has launched its Considerate Hotel of the Year Awards 2015 as it seeks to recognise hospitality businesses with exceptional environmental, sustainable, ethical and socially responsible performance.

For 2015, two new categories have been added to the awards, both introduced to recognise those hoteliers who specialise and excel in sustainable spa provision and slow food preparation.

Considerate Hoteliers chairman John Firrell said: “We look forward to this year’s applications with great anticipation, particularly to our two new categories as they highlight two areas within the hotels, which contribute substantially to the bottom line and therefore have a huge environmental impact too.

“Both the kitchen as well as spas, have become stand-alone businesses attracting clients through their innovative offerings, consequently highlighting their sustainable initiatives as being equally as important.”

Entry fee is free for Considerate Hotelier members and non-member hotels charged a £50 entry fee.

The 2015 Considerate Hotel of the Year Awards categories are as follows;

  • International Considerate Hotel of the Year
  • UK Considerate Hotel of the Year
  • Considerate Marketing & Guest Relations of the Year
  • Considerate Hotelier of the Year
  • Considerate Supplier of the Year
  • Small Considerate Hotel of the Year
  • Considerate Housekeeping Team of the Year
  • Considerate Slow Food Chef of the Year (Urban & Country)
  • Considerate Spa & Wellness Award of the Year
  • Considerate Good Egg Award (within the gift of Considerate Hoteliers

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