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< Back to news 03 February, 2015

Foodpairing – flavour combinations to excite the palate

The hunt for the new, the unique and the different assaults every walk of life – and never more so than in the food and drink industry. Food pairing; the new food combining trend came about to tantalise the taste buds and today in the food industry it’s not just about what tickles the tonsils, technology also helps create the perfect food combination.
Guest article: Lockhart Catering

Food pairing has been around a while but continues to innovate the food industry.
Designed to inspire and excite all foodies from chefs to the food connoisseur in the home, the trend takes recipe design to a new level incorporating science, technology and food know how, all wrapped up in the power of the flavour of that individual food married with another. Bringing different and often unusual food combinations together – foods you wouldn’t naturally associate with each other is stimulating the development of new recipes.

Looking at the individual properties of the food products, the resulting possible combinations in food pairing are not influenced or restricted by the cultural and traditional expectation of food. A fusion of different cuisines, sweet meeting savoury, sour meeting sweet are all thrown into the melting pot resulting in an assault on the senses including the truly bizarre combinations such as chocolate and cauliflower – all technically working because they have food components in common.

Often heralded as the pioneer in food pairing in particular in the decadent world of chocolate, Heston Blumenthal presented some of the most bizarre food pairings including the marriage of caviar and white chocolate. François Benzi of Firmenich, the largest privately owned flavour house in the world, explained that by comparing the flavour analysis of both foods, caviar and white chocolate had major flavour components in common•.

Year on year, the trend has grown with chefs becoming more experimental with different food combinations – and the great British public more likely to try the different taste sensations.

The weird and wonderful include the matching of coffee and cheese – who would have thought these two could work together – but that is what is being predicted as a complimentary taste sensation here.

And coffee’s morning sibling tea is also being heralded as a perfect mix for food and drink pairing – from cocktails to chocolate.

But in today’s demanding society, the marriage of different foods is only part of the story – if the food combinations aren't aesthetically pleasing, then the consumer is unlikely to purchase.

Focus on crockeryLockhart blue bowl
Crockery designs to suit the food can catch the eye and provide the consumer with an assault of every sense, colour, texture – and of course the final taste.

The Soho Stoneware Aqua Blue Bowl is part of a contemporary stoneware collections that embraces design, shape and colour to provide a vibrant contrast to the food being presented. Creating a real point of difference, different colour combinations with create an individual presentation of beautiful food.

MonacoOf course there is always the case that the food should speak for itself – and nothing allows this more or creates a sense of occasion than high quality classic tableware. Adding a touch of finesse to the presentation, simple white crockery oozes sophistication and style.

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