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Improve your room rate by £30 per night

Would you like to improve your room rate by up to £30 per night? Are you thinking about a refurbishment for 2015, but is budget an issue? Why not explore the benefits that a “soft” refurb project could have on your guest bedrooms, allowing you to recoup your costs by the summer!

The start of a New Year often highlights planning for the months ahead – is refurb on your list of things to do, but you don’t have the budget for a full-scale project? Why not look to your soft furnishings to overhaul your rooms? The décor of the hotel rooms and the linen chosen, especially for the bed, can have a huge impact on the customer experience, so fabric suppliers that we work with have the ability to develop bespoke designs that can either create the feeling of a well-known brand or make an independent hotel stand out.

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One thing that we’ve noticed buyers are looking for at the moment is durability and ultimately ways they can save money in the long term. Beacon therefore are seeing more of our customers investing in washable fabrics, which will last a lot longer and save on aftercare costs.

Texture is always important when choosing fabrics - velvets and silks can give the bed a luxurious feel, but these fabrics can often come at a significant cost. For a more budget-friendly option, a popular trend is to use matte and metallic fabrics together, as well as blending neutral palettes with bursts of bright colour coming from soft furnishings or curtains.

Furthermore, we’d recommend using styles that keep housekeeping to a minimum, for example, plain fabrics have the tendency to show stains more easily, so we are seeing a lot more customers opting for patterned fabrics that tend to have a much longer lifespan.

What difference could this make to your room rates?

The Shore View Hotel, Eastbourne upgraded their facilities with Beacon Design Services and it paid off, literally! The hotel upgraded their beds, replaced their carpets and soft furnishings. In doing so they achieved an eye catching finish and superior sleeping experience which justified a £30 per night increase in room rate.

““Working with Beacon to upgrade my guest bedrooms was a simple and stress free process. Beacon Design Services specified products that would not only complement the existing furniture, but take into consideration longevity for wear and tear and compliancy with legislation. I’m delighted that I have been able to justify an increase in the hotel’s room rate as a result of these changes and feedback from my guests has been excellent.”

Nigel, General Manager, Then Hospitality Group

Shore View before and after

Upgrading your room isn't as expensive as you might think, a recent project we worked on for a soft refurbishment on 90 hotel bedrooms cost just over £350 per room, leading to an uplift in room rates by 20%. With Beacon Design Services you could upgrade your full room (excluding installation costs) for less that £3,500 meaning that with an increase in room rate of £30 per night, you could recoup costs in less than 17 weeks!

Got bigger sights in mind for 2015?

Don’t forget Beacon can help you with larger scale projects too – it doesn’t get much bigger than a brand new hotel! BEST WESTERN PLUS Magnolia Park took on a bigger challenge when they extended their property by 30 rooms, working with Beacon Design Services to create beautiful interiors that complement their existing property.

Alan Pither, Owner of Magnolia Park Hotel, commented:

“The service from Beacon has been second to none since we first started working with them. By working closely with the Beacon team, we have been able to benefit from its years of industry experience, as there were an abundance of items required which we didn’t initially think of – that’s what makes Beacon a true partner when it comes to procurement, the team is always thinking about the whole project.”

Click here to find out more about BEST WESTERN PLUS Magnolia Park and how Beacon have helped their business.

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