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< Back to news 28 January, 2015

Make your bed and lie in it - key trends in bedding and linen in hotels

The décor of the hotel rooms and the linen chosen, especially for the bed can have a huge impact on customer experience. Beacon carefully select our linen suppliers to ensure every fabric selected meets customer expectations. Find out more about supply partner Skopos, designers of quality hotel interiors.

Guest interview with Liz Snowball (Senior Buyer - Consumables) and Chris Johnson (Design Services Manager) at Beacon.

What types of hotel do you supply?
At Beacon, we work with a huge variety of hotels from independent hotels through to large national brands such as Best Western, from ten to 100 rooms and from two stars to four stars. The décor of the hotel rooms and the linen chosen, especially for the bed, can have a huge impact on the customer experience, so fabric suppliers that we work with need to have the ability to develop bespoke designs that can either create the feeling of a well-known brand or make an independent hotel stand out. It is therefore important that hotels are on trend when it comes to linen and fabrics, whilst still maintaining value for money and that all important feeling of comfort and homeliness for their guests. Here at Beacon, we take all of this into consideration with every fabric selected for our customers. We have worked closely with suppliers like Skopos when designing hotel interiors, to make sure that all fabrics are fire retardant and meet all the rules and regulations required for the market. 

What are the key things hotel buyers in the area are looking for for beds/bed linen?
One thing that hotel buyers are looking for at the moment is durability and ultimately ways they can save money in the long term, and we are therefore seeing more hotel owners investing in washable fabrics, which will last a lot longer and save on aftercare costs. Furthermore, hoteliers often use styles that keep housekeeping to a minimum, for example, plain fabrics have the tendency to show stains more easily, so we are seeing a lot of hoteliers opting for patterned fabrics that tend to have a much longer lifespan.

Essentially, our focus within Beacon’s design and purchasing teams is supporting our customers in creating interiors that are beautiful and make an impact on the guest, while ensuring the fabrics chosen are of a high quality, durable and save on aftercare costs wherever possible.

What are the most popular fabrics/colours?
Many of the large fabric companies, such as one of our suppliers, Skopos, tend to follow trends that are in the domestic interiors market when it comes to bedrooms and linen as the key to creating a great bedroom design for a hotel, is making your guest feel at home.

Texture is always important when choosing fabrics - velvets and silks can give the bed a luxurious feel, but these fabrics can often come at a significant cost. For a more budget-friendly option, a popular trend is to use matte and metallic fabrics together, as well as blending neutral palettes with bursts of bright colour coming from soft furnishings or curtains.

An item that is definitely key in hotel rooms at the moment, is the headboard - it’s easy to overlook as a part of the room that is just there through necessity, but really it can be so much more. Headboards can be covered in more or less any fabric and hints of colour can be added through stitching or piping, allowing it to become the statement centrepiece of the bedroom.

How much demand is there for luxury fabrics such as silk/Egyptian cotton?
In the current marketplace, the majority of fabrics being chosen by hotels are on the cost-conscious side. From working with another one of our suppliers, Mitre, we know that there is always demand for more luxurious fabrics such as silk and Egyptian cotton, but hoteliers have to be careful how they use them to achieve maximum impact due to the associated costs. Materials like this are ideal for public areas where they are sure to create a stunning first impression, or for cushions, upholsteries and throws in the bedroom – where they provide accents to the design that are really appreciated by the customer.

Overall, hoteliers know that the bed is the heart of the hotel room, so it needs to be beautiful and inviting, but also functional, with comfort as a given.


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