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< Back to news 05 January, 2015

January seafood recommendation from Direct Seafood

Direct Seafood make their recommendations for January key lines, based on their monthly seafood report.

Direct Seafood's buyers from around the UK coast recommend key seafood lines for the month ahead. The recommendations are based on a number of contributory factors such as, seasonality, plentiful supply levels, sustainability and those lines that represent good value. 

Seabass: Origin - Greece and Turkey
Volumes and quality remain stable on both species , value is consistently good and yields excellent , so this becomes a buyers tips for a busy Xmas time when reliability is required.

Farmed Stone Bass: Origin - Spain , France and Greece
Again with farms getting back into production there will be value and consistency of supply on this species, which may be better than using wild other species when the challenging weather hits.

Red & Tub Gurnards: Origin - South West, North East Atlantic
This species is a winter fish they continues to do well on auctions in the North West and South West , quality looks very good . Buyers are making it a tip for January as well.

Squid: Origin - South West, North East Atlantic
Volumes out of South West and Scotland are still very good and quality is excellent, so buyers are recommending it for January.


Beacon customers can speak to Direct Seafood's local sales teams for more detail on the recommended lines.

Interested in trading with Direct Seafood's via Beacon? Please click here for more information on how we can help you to run a more profitable business.

Please note: with weather playing a changing role in the availability of such lines, all detail shared should act as a guide or prompt only.