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< Back to news 09 December, 2014

Reynolds top tips on Fruit over Christmas and New Year

Beacon's fresh produce supply partner, Reynolds share their advice on key fruit lines that are at their best over the festive period, along with some excellent recipes to allow you to bring something new to the table for your customers ahead of Christmas and the New Year. Here's what's happening out there in the world of veg...

Guest article: Reynolds

Buying your citrus fruit with the leaf intact is the best guarantee of freshness. Why not try our leafy clems, grown in the Valencia region of Spain? You can tell without doubt that the fruit has been left to mature on the tree, so the sugars and acids will have the chance to fully develop and balance into that intense, fresh flavour.

They are available until the middle of January, as are our leafy lemons!

Italian bergamots are also arriving now and offer a real point of difference on menus.
Please note that these need to be ordered 3 days in advance. 

Fresh and are surely the seasonal choice for December! To guarantee that you harness the real flavours of Christmas don't buy in your cranberry sauce this year - make your own!

Take a look at our cranberry jam recipe, included within our recipe for Pot-roasted guinea fowl with trimmings. Alternatively, for those with a sweet tooth, try our cranberry and clementine posset recipe. 

Don't forget to add some colour to your dishes this winter with our fresh redcurrants. 

Sharon fruit have a deliciously sweet and juicy texture combined with a subtle mix of peach and papaya flavours. Did you know that the easiest way to eat a Sharon fruit is to cut off the top and scoop out its sweet pulpy flesh. 

Sharon fruit also make an exotic addition to fruit salad, cakes, pies and ice cream. It also makes a great salsa with a sweet and spicy contrast.


Our friends at Brogdale (The National Fruit Collection) are continuing to send us some lovely top fruit. They send us a range of well over 1,000 different heritage varieties of apples and pears, you're unlikely to get the same fruit more than once. Genuine provenance doesn't get any better than this!


UK Gala apples are available from another of our Cambridgeshire growers, John Portass, and are sure to hit the spot! John also supplies Reynolds with Bramleys, the quintessentially British cooking apple.
Visit the recipe section of our new website for a number of menu ideas featuring 

our British Bramleys!


Already a Beacon customer trading with Reynolds? Look out for their Winter 2014/2015 Product Guide, which will be landing on your doorstep in the next week or so. 

If you would prefer to talk through the current pick of the crop with their customer services team, please call your Beacon account manager or contact us to find out how you can work with Beacon.