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< Back to news 04 December, 2014

Salmon pricing on the rise

Across the whole seafood industry, the price of fresh Salmon is currently rising sharply due to severe shortages of both Scottish and Norwegian stocks and the seasonal increase in demand.

Guest article: M&J Seafood

Earlier this year, smaller sizes of Salmon (1-2 and 2-3kg) were culled following outbreaks of sea lice in Scotland, and both sea lice and pancreatic disease in Norway. The knock on effect of removing these fish from the water is a much reduced stock of fish to mature into the more popular sizes (4-6kg+) in the final months of 2014.

These shortages are compounded by increased seasonal requirements as we approach the Christmas period, with demand vastly outstripping supply. Prices are forecast to continue to rise across the whole market until April 2015, when the current Salmon stock will start to recover and only then will prices begin to ease.

M&J Seafood state that "Despite the severe shortages across the industry, we have been able to use our vast experience and relationships with suppliers to secure our fresh Salmon supply. We are, therefore, pleased to be able to reassure our customers that M&J Seafood can guarantee the availability of fresh Salmon throughout this period of market shortages, including during the key Christmas trading period."

Emma Warrington, Senior Buyer at Beacon highlights that Beacon customers "Should be mindful of their GP's based on the fact that they may have forward planned menus quite some time ago without considering the rise in price across key lines such as Salmon, both wild and farmed. As these price increases across the board are affecting both wild and farmed Salmon, we recommend Rainbow Trout as an alternative"

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