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A good night’s sleep; Ideas to make your budget go further

Read our latest guest article, as featured within Hotel Business Magazine last month. Even a perceived level of comfort can have an impact on a guest’s perception of value, so a huge part of that comfort comes from the bed, and everything associated with it. Consumables Buyer Liz Snowball on..."cost vs comfort".

The level of comfort enjoyed in a hotel room can have a huge effect on that room’s value and the subsequent RevPAR of a hotel. The number one function of a hotel is to be somewhere that a guest can sleep; and if they sleep well, are warm and comfortable the perceived value of their stay goes up. But what options are available to increase perceived comfort, but within your hotel’s budget?

The focal point of the room

The bed must always be the focal point of the room – it needs to be inviting, be comfortable and be complemented by the colours and furnishings used throughout the room. Of course, perhaps the most important aspect of your bed is the mattress – a good quality, well-maintained mattress can last up to ten years. Mattresses should be turned regularly in line with the manufacturer’s instructions, and a good quality mattress protector should be used at all times. What’s more, mattress toppers can be used to revive a mattress , extend its lifetime, or to simply soften a firm mattress or provide more warmth and comfort for guests.

The bed can also be be dressed and there are a number of options available to hotels working with different budgets. At Beacon, we work with Mitre Linen to supply ready-made soft furnishings, which are a great option for dressing a bed on a budget – runners, and cushions can be relatively inexpensive but can add an instant feeling of luxury. It’s important to consider colours and textures when dressing the bed; for example, warm colours are a good choice for winter as with the weather getting colder, they can create a more welcoming feeling for your guests. Textures can also be used to add a rich and luxurious feel to the bed, with velvety or quilted fabrics adding volume to bedding to create an opulent atmosphere.

A good night’s sleep

Pillows are a very personal choice, and it is often not until you sleep in an unfamiliar bed and end up tossing and turning all night, that you know what type of pillow you need! We are now seeing many hotels opt to provide a ‘pillow menu’ for guests. This can be simply providing guests a choice of pillows in the room, or by having a full range of different options at reception. Whilst this used to be seen as a luxury, we are increasingly seeing this mandated as a minimum standard across multiple brands.

Some hotels offer five or more different pillow options from memory foam to hypoallergenic, to different fill options for those who prefer a soft or firm pillow. Although quite a simple offering, pillows have such a big effect on whether guests enjoy a good night’s sleep, that it is a sound investment. What’s more, we would always recommend that hotels utilise their budget to present four pillows per bed rather than just two – again, the perceived comfort is instantly increased, adding value to your rooms.

Keeping warm

Another key aspect of the bed is the duvet, and with a vast range of choices available, it can be a tricky decision to make. Fill types for duvets can vary from hollowfibre or microfibre options to more expensive natural options such as duck or goose down. Although cheaper, standard hollowfibre can go flat but microfibre style products can be teased and conditioned through regular turning and manipulation to extend the duvets lifespan.

When it comes to bedding, from pillows and cushions to bedspreads and duvets it is true that you get what you pay for – however, there are suppliers that can work to every budget and provide a quality product. Key things to remember are that a pillow can make or break the perceived comfort of a room, which can in turn increase or decrease the perceived value of a guests stay. Colour and texture should be used to update décor, and can often make a room feel more luxurious, and finally, if you don’t have the budget to replace everything at once, consider changing your runners and cushions by choosing colours that will match the rest of the room for an instant uplift.

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