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< Back to news 26 November, 2014

Direct Seafoods unveil latest fish market report

As we move into December buyers expect to see the usual volatility creeping into the market place, with the seasonal weather effect on wild native fish, particularly prime fish. Retailers are hitting the auctions hard and demand is increased in food service as Christmas brings more volume requirements.

Guest article from Direct Seafoods

So, how is the increased festive trade and the seasonal weather having an impact on the fish that we love to bring to the table for our customers?

With native wild auctions closing on or after the 19th December 2014 until the 5th January 2014, now is the perfect time to discuss your seafood requirements with your local account manager.

Taking a closer look...

Sea Bass - Origin: Gower Peninsula, South West, North East
Volumes have now stabilised, but with December now nearly upon us we expect auction prices to creep up.

Lemon Sole - Origin: South West, North East Atlantic, Scotland, Icelandic, Holland
South West Lemons are still on the high side, so our recommendation would be to go for Scottish or Icelandic source. The shelf life will be shorter, so replenish stocks regularly and rotate.

Haddock - Source: Iceland, North East Atlantic, Scotland, Norway
Haddock is now firming up a little as we move into the back end of the year. Last month of native allocation. Should be no volume issues with Norwegian and Icelandic supply in full flow.

Salmon - Origin: Scotland and Norway
Seasonal trends continue with higher demand and lower volumes. Still great value but the market is tightening up with Salmon farmed from Norway and Scotland.

The full market report is available here.

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