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< Back to news 26 November, 2014

Congratulations to Meallmore and all winners of the Scottish Care Awards

Scottish Care is proud to have hosted the 10th Annual Care Home Awards. Beacon wants to congratulate all the shortlisted and winning businesses on their achievements.

The Awards are a wonderful opportunity to recognise and celebrate the achievements and commitment of everyone involved in delivering care services which have a direct and positive impact for the individuals and families that are supported in care homes, often with increasingly complex needs.

Staff in care homes are real unsung heroes, making an enormous difference to the lives of those they look after, and it is just fantastic that Scottish Care have this annual opportunity to reward and recognise their contributions. The Awards are their night, and a way of saying thank you.

Scottish Care wishes to congratulate all the 2014 award nominees and winners, and thanks all the residents, staff and families who took the time to nominate.

A special well done goes to Meallmore Care Homes, a longstanding customer of Beacon, whom we have worked with for many years across all areas of their purchasing. They picked up 4 awards on the night - and quite rightly so!

Care Newcomer of the Year:

  • Emma Halley, Cumbernauld Care Home
  • Michael Wilson, Lochduhar Care Home
  • Caroline Logan, Southview Care Home

Winner: Emma Halley, Cumbernauld Care Home

Nutrition & Eating Well Award: 

  • Joy Elliot, Carlingwark Care Home
  • Meallmore Group
  • Anne Hanns, Claremont Care Home
  • Nutritional Care Team, Southview Care Home

Winner: Meallmore Group
Ancillary & Support Staff Award:

  • Irene Sutherland, Meallmore Lodge
  • Alice Hutchison, Elderslie Care Home
  • Brian Girvan and Jim Faulds, Claremont Care Home

Winner: Brian Girvan & Jim Faulds, Claremont Care Home

Meaningful Activity Award:

  • Bridie Neilson, Glennie House
  • Activity Care Team, Tor-Na-Dee 
  • Gwen Anderson, Queen's Bay Lodge 

Winner: Gwen Anderson, Queen’s Bay Lodge

Training & Staff Development Award:

  • Leena Domun & Linda Matheson, Southview Care Home
  • Gaynor Moloney, Four Season Health Care

Winner: Leena Domun & Linda Matheson, Southview Care Home 

Dementia Service of the Year:

  • Abbey Gardens Care Home
  • Kincaid House
  • Auchtermairnie Care Home

Winner: Kincaid House (part of Meallmore Care Homes)

Specialist Adult Service Award:

  • Manor Care Centre 
  • Haydale Care Home

Winner: Haydale Care Home 

Care Home Resident Achievement: (all winners)

  • Norman MacDonald, Bandrum Nursing Home
  • Robert Dingwall, Pitlochry Care Home
  • Christina Grant, The Village Care Centre
  • Pat Brezney, Highgate Care Home

Partnership Award

  • The Getting Better Together Project & Morningside Care Home
  • Broomfield Court Care Home & Balornock Primary School
  • Robert Taylor (Job Centre HUB), Ray Ainsworth (Wyndford Locks Care Home) &
  • Susan MacDonald (Golfhill Care Home)

Winner: Broomfield Court & Balornock Primary 


Management & Leadership Award:

  • Clara Mackenzie, Astley House
  • Janis Grubb, Bellfield Care Centre
  • Patrick O'Hare, Baillieston Care Home

Winner: Clara Mackenzie, Astley House

Nurse of the Year:

  • Tracey Salmond, Wheatlands Care Home
  • Carol Morgan, Croftbank House
  • Ruby Thorburn, Astley House

Winner: Carol Morgan, Croftbank House 

Carer of the Year:

  • Jamie Darling, Bandrum Nursing Home
  • Kelly Henderson, Carlingwark House
  • Alison Rae, Crofthead House

Winner: Kelly Henderson, Carlingwark House

Lifetime Achievement Award:
Elizabeth Roscoe, HC-One