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< Back to news 18 November, 2014

Have you discovered your water cost and consumption reduction potential?

A review of your water usage with new Beacon supplier Waterscan has the potential to reduce water costs, cut consumption and improve your CSR.

For many years there has been underlying issues with the water supply network in the UK. An increasing population and more water intensive lifestyles are contributing to growing water scarcity issues. Furthermore, with a lack of choice and water supply determined by location, customer service and cost efficiency is often not a priority for Water Companies.

That’s where Waterscan comes in. Its vision is one of creating a sustainable water future for organisations in the hospitality, leisure and healthcare sectors. This begins with a health check of your water usage through validation of water bills to highlight any charging errors or abnormal consumption patterns. In most cases this leads to considerable savings and refunds. Next, a site audit will provide a deeper understanding of your operational water usage and provide recommendations for reducing consumption, which in turn leads to greater efficiency, improved CSR and reduced costs. Waterscan make this simple by doing all this on your behalf, with minimal client input required.

One of Waterscan’s first customers was hospitality business Whitbread, which includes Premier Inn and Costa Coffee amongst its brands. After 10 years of working together, Whitbread remains a customer to this day with the partnership having progressed to a strategic water management approach.

Working in partnership with its clients, Waterscan has reached some excellent levels of water saving, reducing the amount of water consumed each year by 400 million litres on average. With 20 years of water management experience, Waterscan’s bureau, recycling and strategy services have become amongst the most respected in the market.  In addition, Waterscan has realised in excess of £13 million in consumption, refund and cost savings for its client base since 2010.

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Simply contact us to become a Beacon customer and gain access to a FREE water health check.

To find out more about Waterscan, please visit and start your journey towards a sustainable water future.