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< Back to news 05 November, 2014

Why focus on the Portion Pak from Kelloggs?

The Portion Pak from Kellogg's is well known and often seen within the hospitality industry. A recent survey by Kellogg's showed just how loved the Portion Pak is and how introducing it to your business can really boost your bottom line...

A recent survey of 300 respondents, across 4 countries, brought excellent and emotive reviews from it's participants. When travelling, regardless of age, consumers want to feel as through they are in a 'home away from home' and the breakfast offering played a significant part in this experience.

The Kellogg's portion pack is known and loved with respondents feeling that a sense that the pack was 'just for them', 'all for me' and some people found it so emotive that they actually 'hugged the pack to their chest'

Its vital to see the K light - helping boost your profitability!

  • Many respondents felt that cereal and even more so Kellogg's, was not obviously available at breakfast AFH.
  • Respondents would have liked their preferred cereal when away from home - but their preferred cereal wasn't available when travelling.
  • The respondents felt that the Kellogg's brand should be more visible, it's a brand that they trust.
  • There was a sense that the consumer felt that they were 'treated the best' as a result of the Kellogg's offering being available

Breakfast challenges when it comes to cereal consumption?
Despite heavy consumption at home, this is not reflected 'out of home' - why?

  • Cereal of choice is not available
  • 'If it's Kellogg's it's always boring (cornflakes) or for kids (Choco Krispies)
  • Cereal not always/obviously available at hotel breakfast
  • Don't know what brand/flavour the cereal is
  • Dont trust the cereal on offer
  • Like to have something different

"The majority of respondents would be more likely to pick up cereal at breakfast if their preferred concept was available" - Introducing Kellogg's and 7 reasons for selection...

  1. Portion Pak got the thumbs up in the recent survey/focus groups
  2. When seen at breakfast, in most cases, it beat the alternate selection
  3. Small version of what you have at home
  4. Hygienic
  5. Includes nutritional and allergy detail (making it compliant with new EU regulations - click here for more information)
  6. Feels 'made for them'
  7. Can 'take it away'

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Source: Jellybean Insight 09