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< Back to news 05 November, 2014

Dulux 2015 Colour Futures Interior Trends…

‘Copper Blush’ – a versatile, warm copper colour with an orange undertone has been named as the Colour of the Year for 2015. Hear more about this, and 5 other key trends from Beacon Design Services partner, Dulux.

Every year Beacon supplier Dulux's global colour and design teams at the AkzoNobel Aesthetics Centre in Amsterdam produce an interiors trend bible called ‘Colour Futures’. It looks at the year ahead and explores the widest range of influences which affect the way we live our lives now – and are going to live them in the future.

These influences are then captured within a collection of 5 key interior trends and colour palettes which are used by interior designers, architects, fashion designers and anyone truly interested in colour – for inspiration in their work and lives. Based on these influences, this year’s theme is ‘Everyday +’. Spot this overarching theme of ‘Everyday +’ through each of the following five trends & the Colour of the Year and enjoy a glimpse into our wonderful world of global colour and design forecasting…

 Dulux Colour of the Year 2015

‘Copper Blush’ – a versatile, warm copper colour with an orange undertone has been named as the Colour of the Year for 2015.

Copper has been glinting away on the colour horizon for a while now and it has finally burst through the cooler blues and aqua hues which have dominated the past two years.  A truly gorgeous colour that balances the warmth and depth of clay with just a touch of rose tinted sweetness.  It’s perfect when teamed with pale natural wood, off white, layered & harmonious shades and of course, copper itself. The odd pop of bright chrome yellow in accessories does amazing things to the look and feel of the colour if you are brave enough to use it too!


This trend captures the fact that we increasing live our lives on many different levels from the present and physical to the virtual online. Layer+Layer bursts with joyous combinations of colour and pattern which encourage us to be more creative with decorating techniques and tell our story through design.

The palette works beautifully together and can be used across accessories as wells as on walls and furniture.

It is the perfect look for Spring /Summer 2015.

Big Nature + Small Me

Big Nature+Small Me captures the desire for us to pitch ourselves against nature in a big life-affirming challenge. More people are training for an Iron Man or Woman challenge, trekking across wild open spaces and embracing the wild beauty of nature in the raw. This is a ‘nature’ trend – but one that unusually does not include green. Instead it concentrates on the hotter shades from sun-baked landscapes and sees interiors stripped away of all that is unnecessary and cosmetic, creating an interior landscape in which we can breathe and think more clearly.


Men and women have reached a widely accepted equality of roles within domesticity, parenting and relationships but during this great revolution it could be argued that we have possibly lost a sense of the joy of being different. This trend celebrates the difference between men and women and shows how masculine and feminine elements in both colour palette and interior design can work in perfect harmony without losing their inherent identity.


 +Unseen Spaces

+Unseen Spaces appears to build on the 2014 trend ‘Silent Revolution’. It explores the over-looked and unseen becoming an understated hero. It aims to bring life and vitality to neglected spaces and make the most of every square inch of living space from the nooks and crannies under the stairs to the alleyways between houses. The palette is a combination of gorgeous, gutsy, cool neutrals that really come alive in the transitional space between light and shadows which draws attention without ever having to shout for it.

Friendly Barter+

We are creating a new social economy that is circular rather than linear. This means that more and more of us are rethinking and redefining the concept of ownership. Through social media and the internet we have begun to share the benefits of owning  everything from cars and storage space to vegetables and washing machines. It’s a system built entirely on trust and an antidote to the cynical selfishness we are led to believe is the only thing a brave new technological world has to offer. ‘Consume less, share better’ – wise, positive, energetic and hopeful global parental advice for us all to consider. The look is playful, warm and eclectic – but not one bit old fashioned – with colour blocking and lovely contrasts between warm and cooler neutrals being the strength of the look.