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Changes to EU legislation on minibars

Beacon supplier Aslotel share information with Beacon on the latest EU legislation to come into force surrounding minibars.

In July 2010 The EU issued regulations (No. 1060/2010) on energy consumption and from July 2015 this is set to become even more stringently enforced. The reason for this tighter control is because of a move by the EU towards further energy saving through carbon reduction commitment and increased sustainability measures.

It has already been widely reported in the industry that there is a growing trend for the manufacture of electrical appliances with lower energy consumption and this trend is set to continue. Minibars are obviously going to be heavily effected by these tighter controls and this therefore will effect many customers within the hospitality and leisure industry.

We asked Murray Roberts from Aslotel to tell us more about the changes and how this will impact customers...

"Our minibar supplier in Italy, Indel B, has informed us that Italian authorities have stopped all movement of absorption minibars with glass doors that are not compliant with the new regulations.

Minibars that are mainly affected will be absorption types with glass fronts and cheaper thermoelectric or low quality absorption minibars. A lot depends on insulation and efficiency i.e. energy consumption in general however, absorption minibars are still an option for the budget conscious hotelier providing they meet the required regulations.

Aslotel has a wide selection of absorption minibars all of which are manufactured by Indel B and all of which have a range of attributes for those who are looking for an affordable option.

As a business, we are currently experiencing a rapid take-up of the compressor type of minibar such as the K EcoSmart and K Smart versions since we first introduced them in 2013 because of the need to save energy."

Switching to compressor minibars - A case study
In early 2013, a London based hotel group situated on the doorstep of Heathrow Airport had a requirement from their customers to be able to keep milk and foodstuffs at the correct temperature 24 hours a day so that air crew could use this facility anytime during a 24 hour period.

Aslotel worked with the business to introduce the K EcoSmart compressor minibar. This product came with A+++ energy rating was the ideal solution as it was the only minibar system available that was recognised to store milk and foodstuffs – important for families with young children staying in hotels too.

In switching to these minibars, Premier Inn forward planned and met the more stringent levels of legislation whilst retaining business from the Heathrow Airport and associated airline staff.

How will this change effect customers and how can Aslotel help?
The change in legislation will have a considerable impact on the supply of minibars as manufacturers are required to decrease the power output to maintain minibars at the required temperature.

Indel B have developed a product with their patented micro compressor minibar unit that is comparatively silent running and achieves an A+++ power energy saving rating in their K EcoSmart version and A++ energy saving rating in their K Smart version.

These are the lowest consumption energy rated minibars on the market and will easily repay their initial higher cost in saved energy consumption in just over a year, which will then represent a significant cost saving over the lifetime of the product. 
The K EcoSmart draws 83% less energy than the typical absorption minibar.  it is designed with materials that are environmentally considerate as well as achieving a significant reduction in energy consumption. The K EcoSmart is the first minibar to achieve A+++ energy efficiency rating available on the market. Click here to watch a video on the K EcoSmart minibar to see if it would be suitable for your business.

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