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< Back to news 07 October, 2014

Get fish on the menu with Direct Seafoods

Want to know what to put on your menu for Autumn and winter? Well, wait no more, because Beacon supplier Direct Seafoods has all the information you need to make sure you are serving not only the best quality, but sustainable fish options for the remainder of this year.

Fish to Eat Autumn 2014

For those who look to health benefits as well as a tasty feast , now is the time to be eating Cornish MSC Sardines then in November Hastings MSC herrings will start to run which are great as fresh fish or full flavoured smoked fillets.

There is currently a plentiful supply of UK farmed Arctic Char from places like Houghton Springs in Dorset. The artic char is close relative of the trout with pale delicate flesh it makes a great alternative to the more common rainbow and is rated by the MCS as a 1 – therefore very sustainable.

We are now in the last couple of months of the year when Plaice is still in good condition and being landed in good volumes on the South coast. Do take advantage of this good value species before the end of December when they start roeing up and the quality of the fish deteriorates. On top of which by not serving plaice when they are spawn¬ing you are helping the next generation of fish.

If you are after something a bit more exotic why not try some stunning Mahi Mahi? We are currently bringing in some beautiful fish from a small artisanal fishery in the island Reunion near Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. These beautiful fish can grow up to 40 kilos in weight, though 6-10 kilo is more common, and make a great alternative to the more common sword fish.

Don’t forget about native shellfish. Now that the water is cooling down Mussels in particular are a great seasonal special and very good value. Try the MSC Blueshell Mussels from the Shetland isles, they are full of plump meats, tasty and represent the ultimate in natural sustainable farming.

Fish to Avoid Autumn 2014

Bigeye Tuna is one species where great care needs to be shown in sourcing as one of the NGO’s has declared that Pacific Bigeye is perilously close to being over fished. Direct Seafoods only source line caught from the Indian Ocean which is rate a 3 by the MCS.

It looks like Wild European Salmon really does need to come off the list of fish to eat, MSC has moved it down to the fish to avoid list, so for next year it should be off peoples menus until the stocks have had a chance to recover.

Another firm favourite is also going through hard times, with decreasing landings of Wild Sea Bass over the last few years and with the EU planning to introduce new landing Quotas, it is considered a fish to avoid by the MCS. So unless you are sure your fish are line caught- only a 4 on the MCS list , it may be wise to stick to farm raised fish from a certified farm.

For more information, Beacon customers can search for Direct Seafoods and see their current promotions and case studies via My Beacon. For non Beacon customers, why not contact us to see if Beacon and our suppliers could help you source more sustainable fish at competitive prices?