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CLP – How the new European classification and labelling of chemicals will impact your business.

You might be aware that the current way to classify and label chemical products will change as a result of the new European regulation called CLP. This is an important change that will impact both manufacturers and distributors of chemical products, and more importantly - your operations.

CLP is the Regulation on Classification, Labelling and Packaging of chemical substances and mixtures, and is the European implementation of the United Nations Globally Harmonized System (UN-GHS). This new regulation will replace the current Dangerous Preparation Directive (DPD) as from 1st June 2015.

Beacon’s chemicals suppliers are pro-actively evaluating their product ranges against the new CLP criteria and will continue to secure the safety of their products. The following necessary changes will be implemented before the regulatory deadlines:

  •  As from 1st June 2015, produced chemical products must be classified and labelled according to CLP
  • DPD labelled products can still be traded and shipped until 1st June 2017
  • For end-users, products in storage or in use may be used beyond these deadlines

As a result, you might have already started gradually receiving CLP labelled products and updated Safety Data Sheets from April 2014.

New regulations do not mandate changes in the chemical formulation of products. However, the hazard classification may be different or more stringent as a result of the stricter calculation rules under CLP. In a few exceptional cases where products will be reformulated to ensure provision of the safest products to customers, this will be done without compromising quality and performance of cleaning solutions. Please be assured that Beacon’s chemicals suppliers have industry-leading QA processes in place to ensure their in-use solutions for end-users remain as safe to use as before.

While manufacturers will work to minimize changes in work instructions or in the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) due to the transfer to CLP, it remains important that you continue to:

  • Read the product label before use
  • Train your staff to understand new labelling
  • Consult the Safety Data Sheet before use
  • Use the product correctly and as recommended

Beacon’s purchasing team are committed to working closely with our supply partners to support and guide you during the implementation of CLP. Click here to find a comprehensive overview of the new regulation and its impact on your operations, kindly provided by Diversey.

Should you have any further questions regarding this topic, please do not hesitate to approach Beacon’s Consumables Buyer, Liz Snowball, on 01904 695 542.