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< Back to news 25 August, 2014

English Fizz: boast about local

As consumers become savvier with their food, provenance has become even more important. Customers now not only want to know that their beef is local, but want to know the farmer’s name and the breed of the cow. English wine is primed for further success as conscious consumers transfer these principles to wine.

When Wine Intelligence polled UK wine drinkers last year, more of them claimed to have drunk English sparkling wine than current production would have been able to supply. Yet British consumers still need a little more persuasion to entice them to part with their hard-earned cash. Thankfully there are plenty of reasons why they should.

With its elegant acidity, English sparkling wine can offer a superb match to food.  Aiden Byrne, head chef at the Manchester House restaurant agrees, “I love the versatility of Balfour Brut Rose, for me personally it works as a great match to dishes on our ever evolving menu.” 

Producers are not resting on their laurels; the acreage under vine in England has doubled in the last ten years. Hilary Green, responsible for Sales and Marketing at Hush Heath, says “there are few industries as dynamic as wine production in the UK at the moment.” Equally, it has become a category loved by the wine trade too, Oliver Vivian, head sommelier at Chobham restaurant, Stovells, believes that hand-selling is required for introducing new customers to English sparkling wine “if we recommend it to customers they’re happy to give it a go”.  Conveying that sense of passion for a locally made product adds value for the consumer and sheds a positive light on your business.

To find out more about how addition of English fizz to your wine list can help attract those picky and conservative customers, give Beacon's Drinks Buyer, Mark Holness, a call on 01904 695 503.