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Unhappy guests do not return

Recent research has shown that there is only one thing that guests would prefer over a complimentary breakfast or free parking, and that is Wi-Fi. (Source: Hotels.com 2013 Survey) Nowadays, the first thing a guest tries, before your quality breakfast or your comfortable bed, is the quality of your Wi-Fi.

87% of Hotel guests will access your WiFi during their stay, Fact.

A 2013 study by Forrester Research further revealed the 90% of those polled indicating that Wi-Fi was their top sought amenity. Moreover, the same study revealed that 34% would consider it a ‘deal breaker” if the hotel did not offer free Wi-Fi.

The three major gripes, therefore considerations when choosing a new solution are Speed, Reliability and Security.

Broadband speeds have increased considerably in recent years, as has their affordability.  Even in remote or non-fibre areas, there are ways to achieve speed increases without breaking the bank.

At Crowthorne, we provider a managed WiFi offering, including full tech support for your staff and your customers directly, meaning your staff can carry on with their roles without additional WiFi headaches.

From a security perspective, do your guests log on via a readily available passcode, or worse, no passcode at all?  If so, anyone willing to spend 15 minutes researching on google could easily find out how to hack a neighbouring computer on the same network.  Perhaps even yours?  On the flip side, the security and log-on procedures could be cumbersome and complicated, to the point where customers give up.

Crowthorne have recently overcome all of these issues for Beacon’s customer The Portland Hotel, read more about their story here.

Crowthorne Wi-Fi is more than access to the internet:

  • Attract new customers and bring old ones back
  • Customers will stay longer and spend more
  • Get higher customer satisfaction
  • Collect useful customer data to understand your guests better and create a marketing advantage
  • Get real insight into customer internet usage
  • Direct customers to your website from your Wi-Fi log-in page
  • Promote your brand and special offers on your Wi-Fi log-in page

Right now, Beacon customers can benefit from FREE Wifi and network audits. Contact Beacon to find out how your company could benefit.