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< Back to news 17 July, 2014

The impact toiletries have on your guest experience

A good brand of toiletries in a hotel bathroom will enhance the guest experience and ensure that on arrival in their room they will be impressed and look forward to using them.

After all, peering in the bathroom is the first thing guests do when they enter their room and let’s not forget it’s the little things that get noticed.

It is all about choice – a guest chooses which hotel to stay in based on various key points, location, setting, rating and offering – so if one hotel has a lesser quality hotel amenity line compared to the competition which one would they be likely to choose? Most likely the hotel with a guest amenity line that has a good brand image and look that conveys luxury and a high level of hospitality.

A good brand of toiletries is the least expensive upgrade a hotel can invest in.

It is also worth bearing in mind that strong brands are seen to protect the consumer and are created to do just that and to be instantly recognisable to guarantee quality and differentiation. A strong brand offering will help support and build on reputation by delivering something the guest will recognise as a genuine commitment to their welfare.

Long-standing Beacon supplier, Aslotel has a strong portfolio with over 30 brands that include retail brands, EU Ecolabel, organic and natural. Here are a few reviews from some of our customers:

“After refurbishing the hotel we needed to upgrade our toiletries to a luxury brand. Themae and Damana from Aslotel are the perfect choice and look great in our rooms.”

Graham Waller Best Western Henley Hotel General Manager

“We are pleased to have found Keiji from Aslotel and look forward to providing our clients with a little taste of luxury that is similar to our own.”

Lesley Clewley, Valleyview