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< Back to news 02 July, 2014

Great feedback for Beacon supplier Crowthorne.

When Derbyshire based Beacon customer, The Portland Hotel got in touch for some advice on their Wifi system, we were only too happy to introduce expert supplier Crowthorne to see how they could help. Here Director Robert Harwood shares his experiences with working with Beacon and Crowthorne...

"At The Portland Hotel, we were running a WiFi system which had a complicated and convoluted guest log-on process. Our system also had to have four separate and expensive broadband lines connected, in order to get an acceptable level of internet access, so we decided to take the time to investigate the alternative options on the market.

We are an independent hotel, so it was important that any choices were easy to manage internally. We also wanted the guest experience to be greatly enhanced and simplified. Through reaching out to Beacon our purchasing partner, they arranged for their WiFi and Telecoms Specialist, Crowthorne Associates to get in touch.

Crowthorne were able to establish promptly that through advances in UK Broadband Access, a single broadband line was now capable of delivering the same bandwidth as my existing four lines.  Through discussion, we designed a welcome page to allow guests a much more simplified access.  We are both comfortable and confident that the new solution will comfortably last us for the foreseeable future.

Above and beyond our expectation, Crowthorne have enabled us to generate two possible additional revenue streams.  Firstly, as users have to log-in via the welcome page, we are able to advertise local attractions and restaurants and capture an advertising fee for doing so.  Secondly, we are also able to store the email addresses of our guests from the log-in page and keep them up to date with appropriate offers and discounts to encourage their return to The Portland Hotel.

We were assured with the service and capabilities of Crowthorne that they also now support our telephony services.

Without reservation, I would wholeheartedly recommend Crowthorne in partnership with Beacon for any WiFi or Telecoms requirements."