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< Back to news 24 June, 2014

Carehome residents vote YES to Unilever Food Solutions!

Engaging residents of Beacon customer Meallmore was the name of the game when supplier Unilever Food Solutions delivered a series of tasting sessions at the Scottish based care home group.

Beacon supplier, Unilever Food Solutions has been working with Meallmore since 2010, specifically helping them with menu development and nutritional analysis – something which is key for the care home market. Their latest initiative got thumbs up from the residents, as Meallmore and Unilever Food Solutions held a series of tasting sessions to get feedback on dishes engineered to deliver more flavour, without increasing salt levels.

Meals are often the highlight of a resident’s day in a care home, and it was thought that they did not like spicy, or non traditional British dishes. What better way to test their taste buds and the care home’s theory, than to get the residents involved in choosing their favourite dishes?

Not only did it provide some light-hearted entertainment for the residents, it gave the care home, and Unilever Food Solutions great insight into their likes and dislikes, enabling them to personalise their menu’s and provide both tasty and nutritional foods.

Unilever Food Solutions design these types of programmes specifically to meet the needs of their care group customers. Beacon are pleased to be working with both Unilever, and offer supported commercial terms from Unilever Food Solutions, and many other suppliers to over 500 care homes within our customer base.