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< Back to news 11 June, 2014

World Cup cocktails from Forth Wines

Introducing the great range of World Cup Cocktails from Forth Wines. Why not take a look to see how you can enhance your bar offering, just in time for the world cup!

It's not all about beer, cocktails are perfect for events such as the World Cup too.

Beacon supplier, Forth Wines who are based in Scotland have introduced a range of great cocktail recipes to inspire you for creation within your hospitality areas.

Be inspired...


Russia - Raspberry Moscow Mule

You will need:
25ml vodka
- 25ml raspberry liqueur
- 10ml Fresh lime
- Ginger Beer
Add ingredients to an ice filled Hiball glass and top with ginger beer.

USA - Kentucy/Tennessee Ice tea

 You will need:
25ml American Whiskey
- 10ml Fresh lime
- 12.5ml lemon
- 10ml sugar syrup
- Coke
Shake first four ingredients and strain into an ice filled Hiball glass and top up with       coke. Garnish with an orange slice

To view the full range of cocktail recipes from Forth Wines, please click here.

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