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< Back to news 15 April, 2014

Beacon join Bidvest 3663 at Arena's Savoy Lecture 2014

On the evening of Monday 24 March 2014, Beacon joined Alex Fisher, Group Managing Director, Bidvest 3663 at Arena's Savoy Lecture 2014...

At the Arena Lecture, Alex Fisher addressed industry colleagues on the key issues affecting the hospitality and foodservice industry today. From population growth and the ageing population, through to food security, global affluence and mobile technology, the audience was given plenty to think about.

Fisher Introduced the presentation theme of looking at the key challenges, global issues and opportunities that face the industry today and to bring this to life, he invited the audience to tuck into a selection of 'delicacies' that he had brought with him. These treats being namely dried and flavoured critters, including crickets and grasshoppers! 

Fisher's intention was to get the audience to step outside of their ‘food comfort zone’ and to highlight the increasing shortage in global resources and the potential future need for alternative proteins. There is a an absolute need for the industry to be completely aware of emerging global macro trends, and the implications for the future of foodservice.

Howard Ball, Head of Purchasing at Beacon attended the event and says “As one of our key strategic partners Beacon were delighted to join both Bidvest 3663, and Arena for this event.” 

"Some of the statistics and trends that Alex shared within the lecture were alarming – and yet, as a sector we are not focussing our efforts highly enough in effecting a change. There have been considerable changes in the ways that businesses interact with their customers, however, in food service, investment into digital technologies have lagged well behind the high street, Beacon are meeting this challenge head-on with improvements and developments in all areas of supplier and customer communications."  

"With increases in global population one of the main challenges facing us all will be lack of resources and whereas in the past this has been centred on energy, a prime concern moving forward is for fresh water. Technologies such as desalination need to be further explored and encouraged, so that we as an industry are being the most responsible we can be.”

To find out more about the event and the content of the lecture, please visit Arena's website: