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< Back to news 11 December, 2013

Beacon supplier Kaba achieve ISO 14001 accreditation

Keeping a business as green as possible has real benefits for the company as well as the environment. Taking preventative measures to protect the environment can save energy costs and improve staff productivity as well as making your business more attractive to potential partners and employees.

In October, Kaba in the UK & Ireland celebrated the milestone of achieving the ISO 14001 accreditation at its Head Office site, in Tiverton, Devon.

Our Business Management System has been re-designed this year, with a real focus on minimising waste and maximising efficiencies across our supply chain.

Kaba are constantly striving for improvement, so we very much see the ISO 14001 award as the beginning of our ‘green journey’.

So, how have our practices changed in the lead up to our ISO14001 accreditation?

Angelo Dalporto, Head of Supply Chain at Kaba Ltd states: “We were fortunate as we had a great foundation to build on at Kaba, but the ISO14001 award has certainly strengthened that. One example is, every single item of packaging that enters the building is now looked at with a view to recycling or re-using it. We estimate that at the current time, over 60% of all packaging that we receive in is re-used and the remaining 40% is recycled through controlled waste streams.”

Kaba also prides itself on its focus on a range of products that offer environmental benefits, for our partners and end-users.

Paul Spencer, Head of Marketing at Kaba Ltd states: In some of our business areas, we’re really developing our product technology around our environmental focus. That focus ranges from the actual product being environmentally friendly, to also showing that we can make the product as cost effective for our customers as we possibly can”.

One example of Kaba’s focus on environmentally friendly products is the patented, self-powered ‘powerstar’ technology, which features in the new push button lock, the PowerPlex. The product is electro-mechanical, but needs no wires or batteries, it utilises new capacitor technology to store power longer and more efficiently. There is no handle pumping required to wake up the lock and the built-in super capacitors will hold a full charge for up to 10 weeks with no activity at the lock. The lock is perfect for small to mid-sized facilities, rarely visited remote locations, retail “Employees Only” areas and military facilities, just to name a few...

This technology is also used in Kaba’s Auditcon safe lock, an electronic combination safe lock, which offers 20 codes, no batteries, slide bolt and time delay functionality.

What about saving electricity and re-wiring work, by installing a standalone access control system?

Kaba’s newest family of mechatronic locks, Evolo offer a modular and expandable cable-free access control system. It uses smartcards to operate electronic locking devices. Authorised users can access specific doors at specific times. These access rights can be defined flexibly and changed quickly when needed. If a card is lost, the relevant locking device can easily be instructed to block it. Where relevant, you can always find out who had access to a particular room and when. Consider installing Kaba Evolo if your customer experiences one or more of the following challenges:

  • High cost of replacing mechanical keys and locks
  • Cost and hassle of cabling for networked access control
  • Safety and security of sensitive areas / rooms
  • Frequent loss or theft of documents or valuable equipment
  • Unpredictable, varying or a high number of visitors
  • Different user groups using the same facilities
  • Need to log people’s movement for regulatory reasons

What other products offer environmental benefits?

Kaba manufacture a range of energy saver units that are installed in hotels all over the World. These units prevent power use in the hotel guest room, until an authorised key card is inserted into the unit. These energy saving switches reduce energy costs and produce a measurable return on investment for the hotel.

Kaba also manufacture a range of security door systems, ranging from sensor barriers and turnstiles to revolving doors. As well as offering obvious benefits around people flow and access control, many of these revolving door units provide thermal insulation for a building. As well as being environmentally friendly, these products can bring a significant cost saving for our customers.

For more information about Kaba, or any other Beacon Design supplier please email